Can you have a period and still be pregnant

Pregnancy strikes at uncalled times and you have to take care of it. Forget other things, this should be your priority than anything. Any complications that you encounter during the time of pregnancy should be made clear to the doctor. As he knows better than you and is quite an expert in the field. But women are common with menstruation and it also occurs in periodic time. But does it occur during pregnancy? can you have a period and still be pregnant?

Can you have a period and still be pregnant

We don’t think so. At all.


Menstruation if you are lost of common biology, is a time when your body is prepared for pregnancy. This means a lot of process goes on inside you (If you are a woman).

During menstruation, your produced ovary becomes mature so that it can be fertilized by the sperm from the sperm. And not just this, many other things also occur. Like your vagina and its walls become more and thicker. Your egg passes down the ovary and travels through the path of the fallopian tubes. It then travels towards the ovary for fertilization.

So, can you have a period and still be pregnant?

This is no. This is due to the fact that once your eggs are fertilized and the embryo is formed, you won’t be going through any periods at all. You might encounter bleeding from your inner walls but that is not related to menstruation or period at all. This is a different condition due to which it occurs.


can you be pregnant and still have a period

The fact that you can be pregnant and you can still have a period. But you can’t have both at the same time. As you might have proper regular periods before you encountered pregnancy but this is different after you encounter one. Or have one. You still can’t have a period when you have a pregnancy.

So, can you have a period and still be pregnant? No.

can you have a heavy period and still be pregnant

During pregnancy, such heavy bleeds don’t occur that much. And if it occurs then it is for a whole another reason. The fact that a heavy period is encountered sometimes before pregnancy is when extra blood is lost. And this is when you shed out the new tissue and the eggs, preparing for pregnancy. But after you are pregnant, you won’t be having that much of bleeds. You will have bleeds but not of that type.

So, can you have a period and still be pregnant? You might have bleedings but not the kind when you are on heavy periods.

can I be pregnant and still have a period


As already mentioned, you can have a period and pregnancy, but not both at the same time. When you have a period, your eggs get ready for fertilization. They come to the uterus for sperm interaction. When such an event does not occur when you suffer the bleeding where the goods shipped from the ovaries get eliminated. Via bleeding. When you are pregnant, your body doesn’t do these at all. So no bleeding at least due to periods.

Having periods is not an uncommon thing but having it during pregnancy is pretty uncommon. And most women don’t have it at all. Prior bleeding is common due to other complicacies. So, can you have a period and still be pregnant? Not exactly.