How Long does a Stomach Virus Last

If you are getting the unusual feeling that you might have a serious feeling about infection, you might be true. A serious feeling of vomiting or loose stool might be a cause for a stomach infection. Or more of a stomach virus. Mostly known as stomach flu, there are one of the serious most illness. And it is easy to get one and the symptoms are pretty much tough. Want to know if you have a stomach virus? And how long does a stomach virus last?

How Long does a Stomach Virus Last

Let us talk about it.


The symptoms are pretty much similar to what you might be expecting. Yes, slight fever that can get even worse. Vomiting is highly common as the virus does affect your stomach to a good level. Diarrhea is a must. Other symptoms like nauseated feeling, good stomach pain, and slight weakness are also common.

Enough of symptoms for a typical stomach virus.

But is it deadly?


The disease is not that much extremely harmful, but the symptoms as you have heard are. Totally.

Stomach virus or mostly as it is known as Stomach flu to the convention have already trapped you in if you have these conditions.

So, if you have one, how long does a stomach virus last?

Coming to the main topic, the symptoms last for a day at least. If you take up good meds and antibiotics, the effects wear off within days. Even less than a week.

Else, the problems just get worse.

Your body is not even fully equipped to treat the disease as mainly the symptoms drain all of the energy out of the body. Muscle weakness is common. You will be getting loose stools due to diarrhea which will drain out all of the salts from your body. And also all of the nutrients. The nauseated feeling will prevent you from eating well.

Stomach virus also comes with frequent vomiting. So, eating won’t be helping that much.


If you want to know more about it, we have more info for you too.

IF you feel like you are infected, the symptoms will start to show up slowly from day two. Usually, you will start with loose stools and then vomiting, the initial symptoms stay for about 3 days. This is the time when you should inform and see your doctor right away. As wasting time would be fatal for you and the conditions might get worse. If proper care is not taken, the conditions last till 10 days to the maximum. Not more than that on normal.

So, what to do if you have a stomach virus?

This is a complete infection case, so you are better off with doctors. They will prescribe you with the best medications. Meanwhile, you can do some home remedies for yourself at home. Try eating in smaller quantities if you feel like. Eat fast digesting and soft foods. Try with better electrolytes as a lot of salts will be going out of your body. Keep a check on your water consumption too. These should bring down the symptoms.

How long can a stomach virus last

How Long does a Stomach Virus Last

the prior time is around 3 days to the least. As you will yourself feel the conditions from the second day. And from that time, you will get confirmed with the infection. Most people seem to recover after a few days from the starting. Proper care is also needed to low down the symptoms else the conditions can last for more than 4-5 days.

So, how long does a stomach virus last? Max 4-5 days.

How long does a stomach bug last

Stomach bug lasts for around 4 days to the average time when the conditions are critical. As frequent vomiting and fever will catch you with severe diarrhea. But the symptoms wear out a bit after a few days. The prior time till which it will last is around 7 days to the maximum. Although quick recovery is also possible if proper care is taken.


How long stomach flu last

It highly depends on how your body reacts with the symptoms. The normal time is for around 3 days minimum. 4-5 days to the maximum if you take proper medicine. And it will be over in a week. Else the symptoms stay for a week and more time is needed to recover. Even more than a week.

Then, how long does a stomach virus last? A week at least.

Its always better to confirm out whether you have a stomach virus or not. As such type of diseases doesn’t go away easily. Consult your doctor for the best. If you experiencing the symptoms, try taking extra care of yourself. This will help you at least to recover from the symptoms if not from the disease.

Therefore, how long does a stomach virus last? 3-4 days.