How long does alcohol stay in your urine

About two billion people around the world consume alcohol, there are many different types of alcohols like beer, barley wine, chichi, corn beer, millet beer, cider, vodka, cherry wine, pear cider, raspberry wine, hamachi, desi daru and many more. There are more than five hundred (500) of regional alcohol, ever thought the figure? And if you one of the 2 billion peeps than you might be curious about how long alcohol stays in the urine, then you are at the right place. I am going to give you a lot of information about wine and also tell about how long does alcohol stay in your urine. So here come some facts:

how long does alcohol stay in your urine

Types of alcohol:

There are basically 3 types of alcohols.


1.ferementated: Beer, Wine, Cider these are fermented alcohols and as the name suggests the alcohols are made out of a process called fermentation. In this process, any substance gets broken down by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms. Like the cider is made by the fermentation of apple or pear and the people of the US and Russia love those. The Wine is made out of barley, ale, etc. The Beer is made out of fruits, barley, grape, etc.

2.Distilled: Spirit or the liqueurs are the alcohol of this type. Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Brandy, Gin are the distilled beverages. Making distilled alcohol is a long process which also contains the fermentation process. The chemical process the amount of ethyl alcohol I increased in the beverage that makes the distilled alcohol and it is quite stronger than the fermented alcohols and people having guts love these.

 3.Other: akvavit, arak, arrack, Korn those are other alcohols.

Nutrition Data:

Calories: alcohol provides a huge amount of calories around 7 calories per gram, around 150 calories per serving and if the drink is caffeinated then the calories may reach up to 600 and that is a lot of calories, that’s why you will see the people who drink a lot of alcohol are fat.

Vitamins:  alcohol doesn’t contain any vitamin or minerals at all.

Fat, Protein: Again a disappointment for the people who think alcohol is healthy. It contains no fat protein at all.


The disadvantage of alcohol:

The heavy consumption of alcohol can mess with your liver and the shape of your body and most of the time it also affects our brain. Short term memory losses are often seen in alcoholic people.

Advantage of alcohol: There is not a lot of benefits but it can relieve anxiety and it is also used as an indigenous pain killer beside in Ayurveda also the benefits of alcohols is recognized. Some doctors also advise old people to drink alcohol in a small amount regularly.

How long does alcohol stay in your system and urine :

You might wonder how long the alcohol stays in the body system, so here is the answer, the liver takes around five hours to metabolize the consumed alcohol of one liter. It completely depends on the age, sex, physical condition and many more. When alcohol passes through the stomach then it doesn’t get digested Alcohol basically absorbed in the small blood vessels and also absorbed in the tissues and it reaches the brain. Generally, alcohol passes to the kidney pretty much like any other liquid. But alcohol will make you pee more and the alcohol can be detected in your urine even after 70 hours of the drink yeah pretty much here days. The more you drink the more time will it stay in your system?

So I hope that I am successful to give you the answer to how long does alcohol stay in your urine.