How Long does Hydrocodone stay in your System

Hydrocodone is highly used in medical prescriptions for treating pain in a similar order to what non-consumables are used. Technically, it is a form of a drug which is used to eliminate pain from any part of the body via oral ingestion. It acts as a good painkiller(better than mild ones actually) with quite a lot of side effects. But most of these are of non-medical attention types, which means these can be cured at home with some mild and simple remedies. Although, after consumption, it doesn’t easily get off from your body. So, how long does hydrocodone stay in your system?

How Long does Hydrocodone stay in your System

Is hydrocodone similar to other painkillers?

To be concise and clear, Hydrocodone is not like other forms of painkillers. Since others might get off easily, with only minute trace like amounts still circulating in your body and in your mouth too(which can be easily detected). Well, Hydrocodone is actually stubborn. It doesn’t leave your body that easily since it actually gets accumulated in some parts from which it might be easily detected. One of the most common painkillers being ethyl alcohol(which is used mostly against most pain types and symptoms) goes out of the body easily, with only some portions of it can be found in the liver(onto which it accumulates for a small time). Bigger side effects cannot be noticed until a large amount of it is consumed.

How hydrocodone gets accumulated?

how long does a hydrocodone stay in your system

Hydrocodone actually gets accumulated in tiny amounts on various parts of your body like alcohol too. Although the accumulation becomes long and long but very less in amounts too. This might throw you in a problem risk since the accumulation of chemicals is bad for your body. By default. But hydrocodone doesn’t give out that type of effects too much since its presence is not even felt by the person as it feels totally normal to him. If you want to know, then hydrocodone can be detected in several ways from your body output for example urine.

For how long does hydrocodone stay in the body system?

how long does hydrocodone stay in your blood system

After consumption and providing its effects, it seems to wear off from the body as its effects are no longer felt. It takes around 4-5 hours of time for a particular consumer of hydrocodone to feel its influence for the last time. But that’s not at all. By medical means, it can be proved that it still exists in your body by output means. After its effects seem to wear off, traces of hydrocodone can be still found in your urine even after 4 days of its consumption, in your saliva up to 40 hours and even up to 90 days in your hair content. So, how long does hydrocodone stay in your system? For a very long time.

Why hydrocodone gets accumulated in such places only?

Well, to keep it simple, alcohol is sometimes used as a mild painkiller and its mostly used as a headache suppressant. When you consume alcohol, it easily gets into the blood and then provides you with all the comfort possible by temporary suppressing your pain receptors for a small amount of time. One of the most common side effects is that it damages some of your brain cells too, and when consumed in too much amount(the whole bottle) the excess amount gets accumulated in the liver in the form of fat.

Hydrocodone has used a pain depressant ranging from mild to severe pain. Curing severe pain means it gets kind of accumulated in much of the areas from which your brain recepts the pain. IT works like alcohol too. After its consumption, it gets released into the blood. And then it reaches the brain to suppress the pain receptors for a minimal time which is determined by the amount consumed. The accumulation occurs due to the high suppressing capability of hydrocodone. It stays in the blood for a good amount of time, during which your blood passes through the kidney. The nephrons reject it, declares it as a waste product and then it goes to your bladder, where it starts accumulating(and that’s how its found in your urine for a longer time). Traces of hydrocodone can be found in the hair too, as it circulates more on the scalp part, where the follicles get tracely accumulated with it, but unnoticed. So now you know why hydrocodone gets accumulated for so long in such specific parts of the body.

Some users and experts say that it can be relieved by consuming a lot of water regularly. It might work but it will take a long time before its completely eliminated.

Why the accumulation of hydrocodone might matter to you?

how long does hydrocodone stay in your blood

Hydrocodone is a drug used for painkilling and sometimes as an anti-depressant. Although quite good in its effects and relieving pain easily, it has been classified as a form of the well addictive drug. It is a semi-synthetic opioid medicine and sometimes included in the set of narcotic, which means it kind of falls in the same category as cocaine and related drugs which to are used in anti-depressants and for curing anxiety. Also, it falls under those forms of drugs, which are declared of becoming highly addictive. Consuming it directly might be a risk. Other safer formulations used for it, like Zohydro ER and Hysingla ER and these can be used for treating within the safe range. These are much likely used for moderate and ranged treatments when the pain is in control and requires no sort of extra or hyper medication to control the patient.

What are the Side effects of consuming hydrocodone?

There are not much of some serious side effects if it’s consumed in very small and medically recommended amounts which only give out to feeling like

  1. Dizziness, sleepy feel
  2. high fatigue, tired feeling
  3. light stress
  4. itching
  5. Vomiting which can get worse with time, if consumption is continued on a regular basis.

These are small grade side effects which can be relived in the home too. Large-scale consumption can lead to some serious damage to the body and internal organs, making most of the body system to depend on its consumption. Else, the body system will react immediately to various kinds of outputs which can be easily predicted like repeated vomiting, excessive stress, fatigue, constant wondering and lot, which are way tougher to cure.


Hydrocodone is a powerful painkiller, but its types of accumulations in the body and very long-term presence can be a form of risk too. After consumption, its effects do wear off but its presence which is not felt by the consumer at all. It can be detected medically and removed from the body with several means which will take a lot of time.