How long to boil potatoes

For many dishes cooking potatoes in boiling water is the first step. We’ll show you here are  how to prep your potatoes for cooking and how long to boil potatoes with perfection There’s nothing complicated in boiling potatoes even fresher can do this with ease, but when it is matter of cooking skills even boiling potatoes cannot be ignored, you should be a master because you’ll likely use it often. Potatoes are one of the most versatile and widely loved foods in this world, largely because you can turn them into so many delicious dishes and many dishes are incomplete without it. Whether you’re planning to boil potatoes for mashed potatoes or for a potato salad, we are giving you some tips and tricks that will give you good finished results. Let’s start with a quick method of boiling potatoes so you can make sure you’re using the right method for the dish you want to make.

How long to boil potatoes

What are the Best Potatoes for Boiling?

The starch content in potatoes differs from type to type of potatoes, some are better for boiling than others it depends upon what you plan to make with the boiled potatoes. The amount of starch in the potato can affect the texture, so first make sure that you’re using the right type of potato for the dish you’re making.

Low-starch Potatoes: Round Red, Round White, and New Potatoes and low starch potatoes and are often called waxy potatoes. They hold their shape better than any other potatoes when boiled, which makes them perfect for potato salads or tossing with seasoned butter.

Medium-starch Potatoes: Yellow Finn and Yukon Gold, contain more moisture and are medium starched potatoes, so they don’t fall apart as easily as high-starch potatoes. They work well for mashing, adding to soups or casseroles, and serving as a side dish to your guests. They are also best for potato salad.

High-starch Potatoes: Russet or Idaho are high starch potatoes and have a light, mealy texture. Once boiled, they are very ideal for mashing. But the question is how long to boil potatoes for mash? So high starch potatoes take 15 to 20 minutes for boiling when you are boiling them for mash.

Method and timings of how long to boil potatoes?

How long to boil potatoes? Boiling potatoes is usually the first step in preparing another meal, like turning them into roasts or mash, so the type you choose will surely affect your dish. They take maximum 10 to 20 minutes in boiling depending on the type of potatoes and the dish you are going to prepare. If you’re making the mash or cooking them in a sauce, Desiree is best for you, but when you are making a salad you’ll use salad potatoes with lower levels of starch. How long to boil sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes are also high starch potatoes. Sweet potatoes take 10 to 12 minutes in boiling.

The preparatory part:

This preparatory part is very easy! Just rinse the potatoes thoroughly and make sure that there is no dirt and cut out blemishes you see on them. Some people peel the potatoes before boiling, but we would recommend you leave the skins on potatoes its best for them. When you boil potatoes with skin the nutrients and flavors are not lost during cooking and you get all those vitamins too. But if you cut the potatoes into chunks than Cooking times can be reduced, but if you to peel them, this will be more difficult the smaller the pieces.

The boiling part:

After doing the preparatory part your potatoes are ready to hit the pot. The most important part here is that you should use cold water instead of boiled water used in many cases. Because if you boil the water first, the outside of potatoes will cook faster than the inside resulting in an uneven texture. How long does it take to boil potatoes? If you boil cubed potatoes then they will take around 15 minutes on the other hand larger chunks or whole new potatoes will take 20-25 minutes. To check potatoes are boiled or not, pierce the potatoes with the tip of a knife from which you can analyze that how much resistance there is. If a knife goes in easily, potatoes are done!


This is an important step that makes sure to drain your boiled spuds immediately. This prevents them from becoming too soggy. Don’t worry about that if you drain the water they will become cold. Because potatoes can retain their heat well if left in the pot with the lid.

We hope that after reading this you are very clear about how long to boil potatoes and how to boil potatoes.