How many Beers in a keg?

How many beers in a keg? All over the world beer is one of the most consumed and favorite beverage. Almost every country around the world has a fan base for beer. Beer is preserved in barrels called a keg. The keg is a container where beer is used to keep. Its size differs from one country to another. We will have a proper idea about a keg and things related to this and beer kept in kegs.

How many beers in a keg


What is a beer keg?

What is a beer keg

A keg is a small container usually made by stainless steel or other metal. According to the old tradition, it was made of wood and copper and used for transporting various items like gunpowder, liquids and etc. But nowadays it is made of stainless steel and used for transporting, storing, serving beers. Not only beer it is also used for all alcoholic and non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. But usually, the carbonated liquid is stored under pressure to contain the carbon dioxide at a perfect level.

Types of kegs

Types of kegs


There are usually three types of kegs. Ball lock, pin lock, and Sankey kegs. The first two have similarities but have very little differences. Whatever three of them are hugely used by brewers.

Ball lock kegs

Ball lock kegs

These are one of the most commonly used kegs by the brewers. It was named ball logs as it connects the gas and the liquid lines.  It can be differentiated from the pin lock legs as it is thinner than the pin lock kegs.

Pin lock kegs

Pin lock kegs


As we said before it has similarities with the ball lock kegs. It does not have the manual pressure relief valve (prv) in some of the cases. It has a different setup for gas-liquid disconnections. It has more secure set up for the disconnections

Sankey kegs

Sankey kegs

This one is something odd. It has only one port either to in liquid or out gas and vice versa. It comes in larger sizes. It has a more secure setup and assures the user with almost no gas leaks.

But all ball locks, pin locks, Sankey kegs can be differentiated in other categories depending on their size, weight, and servings.

So we mentioned some of them.

Homebrew: It is called as Cornelius keg, corn keg or soda keg. It has a capacity of fifty-five gallons, serving of fifty-three and weighs 50 lbs.

Sixth barrel: It is called torpedo, sixtel, log. It has a capacity of 5.23   gallons, serving of fifty-five and weighs sixty lbs.

Quarter barrel: It is called pony, stubby quarter. It has a capacity of 7.75 gallons, serving of eighty-two and weighs ninety lbs.

Slim quarter: It is called a barrel or tall quarter. It has a capacity of 7.75 gallons, serving of eighty-two and weighs ninety lbs.

Half barrel: It is called import keg European barrel or import keg. It has a capacity of 15.5 gallons, serving of 165 and weighs one hundred sixty lbs.

The Cornelius keg is a favorite option for the homebrewers as it has simple maintenance and a convenient alternative option for bottling.

What is a coupler?

What is a coupler


A keg-tap is called as a coupler and it is important to match with the keg valve of the provided keg to you. The value of the keg holds the beer while coupler allows the keg to flow beer. Through a gas house(co2 regulator) the coupler gets attached and allows beer flowing.

How do beer kegs work?

How do beer kegs work

In the party pub or wherever it stands secretly behind scenes, the keg is a vessel of choice for beer. As a result of more than sixty million gallons of beer throughout a year across the world. After all, there is still a no better option than a keg for transporting beers and alcoholic drinks. Obviously when there is no anxiety of breaking glass, damaged container gallons of beer is transported by the keg.

Did you ever think what’s inside a keg? You can be able if it is made of transparent but it is made of metal. When we just tap the keg obviously we don’t think about the foam, carbonation, and flavor.

In the factory, a sheet of stainless steel is made at the cylindrical shape and welded well. After that at the center, a rib is pressed rigidly. The airtightness is the main part of the keg as it helps the beer not become flat and flavorless.

The steel is an alloy of nickel, chromium, manganese and other metals.

How many beers in a keg?


beers in a keg

See it is hard to tell you the exact value ar amount of beer in a keg. You may get that the amount is dependent on what type or what kind of keg you have taken.

In smaller kegs, it will have a lower amount and the larger keg it will have a good amount.

So, you may have got an idea about the keg and how many beers in a keg. So we think this article is helpful to you.