How many calories do I burn a day

Calorie burning is a common topic nowadays and 70% of the total population are concerned with it.  As becoming fat is not an option and we still love to eat. A lot. Like a lot and a lot. So, keeping an eye on the calorie burn helps with the diet control too. So, how many calories do I burn a day?

how many calories do i burn a day

We will calculate that out.

The way our body burns calories is not how we decide. It is our body that decides how many calories to use up now and how much to save for the future.

But what is a calorie?

It is the minimum level of energy in the form of heat that is required to increase the temperature of a sample of water by a single degree C.

So, our body does use calories but can we keep a track? Can I know how many calories do I burn a day?


Yes, but approximately.

The tests show that an average woman burns around 2400 calories a day at the normal workspace. And a man burns around 3000 calories. This is an average chi distribution sampled out the value that is only accurate to the average ground.

If you want to find out the total calories that you burn in a day, you might wanna use a tracker. Also, the number of calories that your body burns depend on the rate of metabolism that goes with. If you do high vigorous work throughout the day, you will burn more calories than the average human being. And that is normal. Else if you are lazy, then you will burn less.

How many calories do I burn daily

Daily for the time of the morning, you will burn least of the calories. Then after your first breakfast, you will increase in the amount of calorie burn. This will go to a peak till evening and then you will slow down on the burn. This is normal for almost all of the population.

So, how many calories do I burn a day?  The number is around 2500.

How many calories do I burn a day

In terms of a day, you burn out more than 2000 calories for sure. If you eat energetic foods then you are sure for high in calorie burn with ease. And that will happen forcibly. The way you burn calories depends on your metabolism and if it is high, your calorie burn will be usually to the peak.

So, how many calories do I burn a day? More than 2000 and it can be even more than 3000 depending on your metabolism.


How many calories do I need to burn a day

This is mostly a fitness question and is an important one for everybody. The more calories you burn, the less you store as fat. And this is a good thing. If you can burn than the usual calorie limit, which is 3000, then you are good to go. Else you might be in the chance of becoming a bit of fat or obese. But staying above the 2000 limit is what you should aim at first. then race to the limits.

Calorie burn is nothing to be worried about, a simple diet change will induce you to burn around 40% more calories than you do usually. But make sure to take in a good amount of fiber or carbohydrates for replenishing the energy levels to the optimum. So, how many calories do I burn a day?  Around 2500.