How Many Calories in a Bottle of Wine

Drinking wine not only adds to taste but it is also good for our “health”, but do you know everything about it?

Wine is so delight & has a rich taste but have you ever wonder that “how many calories in a bottle of wine“. But it is not only about taste but there is a lot more to know about them. So let’s take a look at how they are made, why they are sold at such a high price. If you are fallen in love with wine & drinking a lot of them in a day, so is it good for your health & how they can prove to be bad for your health. Then let’s take a look at how much wine a day is good for our health & what should be the limit of drinking wine in a day.

How Many Calories in a Bottle of Wine

How it’s made

The process of making wine makes it taste so good. Although making wine is not so easy & it takes a lot of time. So how much time does it take to make a bottle of wine, does it take some days or some months. Actually, it takes years to make a bottle of wine. First, you have to choose most fresh fruits to make it, like red wine is made of grape juice so the best red grapes are chosen first & then the juice is taken out of it, then the store the juice in big wooden barrels for years. The wooden barrel is very important for wine-making because without it the wine will not taste that good how it tastes. Making of wine takes a lot of time & very fresh fruits are selected for it, so it worth pretty high.

How many calories in 750 ml of wine

If still, you are thinking that “how many calories in a bottle of wine” then let’s have a look at this. Usually, a standard bottle of wine is of 750 ml. And if we talk about the calories in a bottle of wine then it’s about 83 calories in 100 grams of wine. Now if we talk about the varieties available of wine then it will be quite tough to count because there are many, so let’s take a look at few among them which are very famous among common people. The most famous one is red wine & the other is white wine & rose wine.

Types of wines

The red wine has up of grape juice with some other ingredients & juices like cranberry juice, typically white wine is made up of apple & cashew nut including some other ingredients. And if we talk about rose wine then it’s not at all made up of roses, it was named so because it is light pinkish in color, in actual it is made up of grapes. When we store the juice for more time, the color becomes darker. So when we keep pink wine for more time in the barrel, it turns into darker in color.

Is it OK to drink a bottle of wine a day

Have you ever thought of drinking a bottle of whiskey or vodka in a day, might not unless you are a full-time drinker. But if you want to drink a bottle of wine a day then it’s not a big deal because you can drink a bottle of wine in a day. As said by an alcohol expert who earlier used to work in WHO that is World Health Organisation that you can drink 13 units of wine a day & you get 10 units of drink in a bottle of wine. But before drinking you have to make sure that your waistline is in control as there’s a lot of calories in a bottle of wine. It’s always better to stay in a limit rather than getting extreme.

Ways of drinking wine

Wine is a very delicate drink & there are certain ways of drinking it. Wine is very good in taste is also very beneficial for our health if we drink it in the right way. Wine is really helpful in increasing blood circulation & brings the glow to your face. But the drinking of wine should be in a gentle way & in a limit so that it doesn’t turn into a curse. If you are really conscious about your waistline & don’t want to spoil it then don’t drink more than 5 units a day. The best way of drinking wine is by sharing so that you can stay in your limit as well as you got the company of a dear one with whom you can enjoy your drink. Try to make it more spirited by adding soda & ice to cut some calories & also make the alcohol content much low so that you can drink more. As you have to remember “how many calories in a bottle of wine” or else the high-calorie intake can harm you.


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