How many calories in a glass of red wine

If you are thinking to start consumption of wine, let us confess that red wine has calories, chiefly in the sort of alcohol. Drinking a glass of red wine can be an enjoyable method to relax after a hectic day. Although consumption of wine has some health benefits too such as growing your good cholesterol and dropping your chances of heart disease. On the other side alcohol also carries empty calories with very less amount of nutrients, which can lead to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. So the question arises here is that how many calories in a glass of red wine?  Here we will provide you the answer to all the questions in your mind. Let’s have a look!

How many calories in a glass of red wine

How many calories in a glass of red wine or in a full bottle?

There are about 25 calories in a glass of red wine per ounce. Amount of calories varies depending upon the amount of intake. Your five-ounce glass of red wine typically contains 125 calories. So you need to have a diet friendly glass of red wine containing 100 calories which are not too bad. If you fill you glass up to rim then keep it in mind that you are also increasing amount of calories.

Many people ask about how many calories in full bottle of wine. So there are 635 calories in a full bottle of red wine which are too much.

Nutrition-Fact for calories in red wine per Serving (1 Portion/serving=1 Glass/125ml)

Calories 85
Grams of Protein 0.1
Grams of Carbohydrate 3.1
Grams of Fat 0
Grams of Fibre 0
Grams of Alcohol 12

Don’t forget to check strength of red wine…!

It’s very important to remember that the strength of every wine varies depending on the type of wine you choose. Always check the label present on the bottle for the wine’s ABV percentage. Which tells you how much alcohol it contains. The higher the ABV the higher the number of units. If you’re drinking wine at a bar or restaurant, check the wine list or ask to see the bottle to check how strong it is. A large 250ml glass of 13% wine contains 3.2 units. Which means drinking more than four glasses in a week would put you above the moderate limit. You can also save up weekly units and consume them all in one or two days.

Consume red wine and keep calories down:

After the question that how many calories in a glass of red wine? Here another question arises that how you can avoid those calories if you are on a low-carb diet? So we suggest don’t buy cheap wines because they have high sugar content as well as calories content. If you want to consume wine consume finest-wines instead of cheap-wine.

Wines with advanced alcohol content have more calories than wines with inferior alcohol content, which have extra carbs or sugar by volume.1 gm. of alcohol has 7 calories associated to 1 gram of starch, which has four calories.

Limiting alcohol consumption (one drink per day or less) is very important for safety and health, and the same rule applies for calorie reasons also. Wine also has calories like anything else you love to eat or drink. Calories can add up quickly when you’re not paying attention to them. Mostly people ignores Liquid calories very easily as compare to food calories. But wait a minute we are not saying you to stop wine consumption. We know that life without wine is an unpleasant thought. We are just saying of making the right choices, you can keep the calories down and also enjoy a small glass of wine in your diet plan.

Tips to drink safe wine:

We are frequently inquired about the calories in a glass of red wine. Remaining in figure or maintaining the shape of your body is harsh. So everyone in conscious about amount of calories present in any drink.

Here are some tips to consume moderate wine

  • Just drink one glass of wine per day and you can have it daily
  • Have a small protein friendly snack before drinking wine which can help you in lowering wine consumption
  • Monitor you serving size
  • Consume finest-wines with low alcohol
  • If you usually drink to release the stress than find other ways for that purpose.
  • Sharing drink with your friends can also help you in lowering wine consumption.