How many calories in a shot of Tequila

Tequila Is Being Touted as the ‘Healthiest’ Drink… But Read This Before You Raise the Toast

Alcoholic beverages are often found high in calories but most of them give no real nutrients. Alcohol has a lot more calories per ounce than carbohydrates and proteins. But Tequila is a far healthier choice than other alcoholic beverages. Have you wondered of “how many calories in a shot of tequila” if not then let’s have a look?

The answer to it depends on what type of drink you are consuming. Generally, it has 96 calories per 1.5 Oz without any carbohydrates.

Let’s be realistic: There’s no healthy alcoholic beverage. Despite the fact that tequila is low in sugar and carbs.

Here’s how can enjoy tequila without going over your regular sugar or carb limit. And as time passes, please be safe, non-toxic and drink in a limit.

how many calories in a shot of tequila

Some Tips before you consume a healthy Tequila shot.

  1. Skip the soda
  2. Say no to margarita mix
  3. Choose for silver tequila
  4. Go pure
  5. Rein it in

How many calories in the shot of Tequila

How many calories in the shot of Tequila

Tequilas generally have the lowest amount of calorie then other alcoholic beverages, the question here is that “how many calories in a shot of tequila”. Its answer differs depending on the type of drink that you are having. The thing is that it generally comes from agave which is a plant and is available in two different categories. First one is the mixtures in which you have tequila that contains 51% or more agave and the rest of it is made up of sugars. However, the prominent flavors come from the base ingredients. On the other hand, you have the 100% one and the fact that prominent taste comes from the base flavors makes the 100% concentrated drinks a little more complex which is why mixtures are most loved one.

We found that on average, a 1.5 Oz shot of tequila contains roughly 96 calories; compare that to vodka which has 106 calories and whiskey has 113 calories.

The calories in 3 different popular tequila flavors are as follows:

  • Margarita: This is made up of tequila with some lime juice and Cointreau. The margarita name came from the inclusion of mix margarita into the drink and a 12-ounce glass of this drink carries around 540 calories.
  • Matador: This is a mixture of tequila with some lime juice with the inclusion of pineapple. This one is a high sugar drink and comes with almost 500 calories in a glass of 12 ounces.
  • Tequila Sunrise: This one is comparatively low in calories as compared to the one discussed above. This drink is made with orange juice mixed with tequila and grenadine. This one mimics sunrise from where its name comes and it contains 400 calories in one 12-ounce serving.

So, the amount of calories in a shot of tequila depends on your choice regarding the flavor and mixture you are having.

How Drinking Tequila Helps You Lose Weight

How Drinking Tequila Helps You Lose Weight

A study shows that drinking tequila can help you in losing weight. Drinking alcohol normally leads to weight gain due to the high amount of sugars found in most of the wines and spirits. One of the note-worthy problems with alcohol is that most drinks are filled with sugar. Not exclusively do these cause dizziness and falls in blood sugar. It has also been found that drinking alcohol increases the chances of overeating and choosing unhealthy food habit. These sort of things makes alcohol such a disadvantage for those who are trying to lose weight.

Why Tequila Helps You Weight Loss

The reason behind this is that our body can’t absorb again like other types of sugar such as fructose and sucrose. This means that it does not act in a way to raise the level of blood sugar as it can’t be absorbed. Again, this is only true with straight tequila. Margaritas and other mixed drinks contain natural fruit juices and other added substances which is full of sucrose, glucose, and other absorb-able sugars.

When it comes to losing weight, we have all been long told that alcohol is an “enemy.” Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are brimming with emptiness, sugar-loaded calories that frequently leave us craving junk food, and adding to boost in blood sugar. Recent research has shown that sugars found in agave-based tequila can really have the result of settling your blood sugar level.

Health benefits of having a shot of Tequila:

Health benefits of having a shot of Tequila

  • It won’t spike your blood sugar.
  • It’s low in calories.
  • It makes medication more effective.
  • It’s gluten-free.
  • Hangovers are minimized.