How many calories in a shot of vodka

Getting boosted with just two shots then vodka would be the most preferable one as it has concentrated the amount of alcohol to bring fire in you

How many shots can you bear

When it comes to alcohol then it’s favorite of most people especially in winters, there are many beverages made up of alcohol & all of them have different levels of alcohol in the & vodka has most alcohol content among all of them, so “how many calories in a shot of vodka” should be the most prominent question when it comes to having it in a huge quantity. As “calories in a shot of vodka” really matters for you because it has more than 70% of alcohol content which is pretty much high. So “how many calories in vodka” does matter for you & you have to count on it otherwise you will harm your health. So other questions come that when you are having vodka then how much of it you can have as it’s very strong in nature as it has huge alcohol content & it’s also not that easy to have vodka in a large amount in one go. If we go according to the stats then we will get that in a day the most you can have is 10 shots of vodka & having that much of vodka is not that easy because after having some shots it will feel like your body is burning from inside because it’s very powerful in nature & it’s quite spirited so you have to be quite careful with it. But if we talk about other drinks then you can have a lot of sips without even thinking of it because all other drinks have low alcohol content then vodka. The beer has the least alcohol content among all other alcoholic beverages, so you can have a couple of bottles of beer without any fear but you have to be careful about the calories. 

How many calories in a shot of vodka

How many calories to take

When it comes to calories you have to be very careful as alcoholic beverages have a lot of calories & by the increase in alcoholic content the calories go on decreasing so you can say that vodka with the highest alcohol content has the least amount of calories among all other alcoholic beverages & beer with the least alcohol content has the most calories in it so before drinking any of the alcoholic beverages you have to be careful about how much calories you are having & how much alcohol you are having. If you are thinking that having more alcoholic content will cut your calories as there are some myths like that so you are absolutely wrong so before having it you have to remind that “how many calories in a shot of vodka” or “how many calories in a vodka tonic” so that you don’t compromise with your health while having fun with your friends. If we talk about calories then let me tell you that according to the standard stats vodka has around 231 calories in 35 ml of shot which is pretty much because if you want to stay fit then your calories intake can’t exceed then 2000 calories. If you start exceeding the calories intake then you have to do a lot of exercises to burn it otherwise it will get stored in your body & your body fat will get increasing day by day & it will become tougher for you to remain fit & you will end up in growing a tummy.  

Which one is better

When it comes to alcoholic beverages then you get a lot of options like wine, beer, vodka, rum, whiskey & a lot other but among them the one which has most alcohol content is vodka which can have up to 75% of alcohol & if we talk about the least then we have beer which can have up to 10% of alcohol & among than the most loved one in the parties is wine which is also treated as the most delicate drink & this has around 30% to 40% of alcohol. Vodka is also known as one of the most hardcore drink & before having that you should get remind of “how many calories in a shot of vodka” because you have to stay in a limit of drinking. Among all alcoholic beverages beer is known as the cheapest & wine is known as the costliest, why is it so? So let’s have a look at the calories as “calories in wine vs beer”, the clear winner is beer as it has a lot of calories but on the other hand wine has low calories & it’s also treated as the healthiest alcoholic beverages & that’s why it comes with such a high price tag.