How many calories in a shot of Whisky

Whiskey is one of the calorie options on the beverage menu. It is said that alcohol has no calories as it has no nutritional value but It has about 105 calories in 42 grams of serving and the Vermuth variant has the lowest amount of calories per ounce. Did you know that India is the country that consumes the most whiskey in the world? A quick fact. But if you are wondering How many calories in a shot of Whisky, then you are scrolling through the right article because we are going to tell you the answer and other information about Whisky.

How many calories in a shot of Whisky

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First of all Types of whiskeys:

The whiskey is one of the most wanted beverage all over the world. There are so many types of whiskeys according to its origin, diversity of ingredients and so more.

According to distinction

Whiskeys have divisions like Malt whiskey, Grain whiskey, Blended whiskey etcetera.

Malt whiskey is ranked among the best whiskeys and predominantly produced in Scotland. The whole procedure is very physically demanding and time consuming without machinery. Nowadays it became easier with the help of machines. The whiskey is distilled on pot stills twice and get matured in oak casks for at least three years.

Grain whiskeys are made of any type of grain and contain wheat at the maximum point. The process of making is most similar as malt whiskey but it does not need to distill more than the Malt whiskey. And the blended type is made by blending any different types of whiskey (malt, grain) and the character of these types of whiskeys depends on the ration of the types of different whiskeys. But most blends have a greater amount of Grain whiskey than the malt one.

But if the question arises How many calories in a shot of whiskey we have to depend on types of it.

One shot of Malt whiskey contains 97 Calories, the grain contains 65 calories and the blended one have not the perfect number on calories as it is a mixture of different ratio.


According to the origin

it is said Whisky was invented in Scotland and some say in Ireland. It is still made in traditional ways in those countries till now and you may see somewhere the industry of it. But the new world whiskey has its new character. It is a result of migration from Europe to America. And it is known as the Bourbon Whiskey. The modern age of whiskey. Scottish whiskey is considered as the best whiskey in the world. The American whiskey has its large production base and made from rye, grain. The Irish variant has its own fan base making whiskeys from the pot still in the traditional way. The Indian Variant of whiskey is largely made from molasses which are often considered as Rum outside the country.

According to production

How many calories in a shot of Whisky

It has two types known as a pot still distillation and copper still distillation.

The pot still distillation is a process of heating an alcohol-water solution in a pot, collecting the alcoholic vapor via a bent pipe, filling the fermented liquid into a large distillation pot and heating from below or inside. The vapor gets cool and becomes liquid again. The process is done twice or thrice.

The copper still distillation is the modern and industrialized process. It is a process of a continuous distillation process and no need to clean the stills after each batch. The cheapest whiskeys are made of this process.


Calories in whiskey

calories in a shot of Whisky

Whiskey is considered as one of the most diet-friendly beverage in terms of calories. 105 Calories is present in a half ounce shot of 86 proof of whiskey. As it has no sugar, carbohydrates, and fat it was so low calorie. The distillation process wipes out all these from the final product. So the whole amount of calories is counted by the amount of calorie present in alcohol.

So we can calculate the number of calories in one shot of whiskey by knowing the number of calories present in alcohol present in it.

Calories in Bourbon:

It is considered to generally have the same amount of calories in rum and whiskey. Bourbon is a form of whiskey and famous all over the world. It approximately contains 97 calories in one shot.

So we hope that you got the idea about calories present in Whisky and also get the answer to How many calories in a shot of Whisky. The whiskey contains around 46% of alcohol and a very low amount of sodium, potassium, fluoride. It contains Ellagic Acid which is a powerful antioxidant. At last, if it is drunk in the huge amount it can lead to alcohol poisoning, cirrhosis and can damage completely your metabolism, kidney. So keep that in mind before drinking. Because life is the most precious thing.