How Many Calories in One Egg

How many calories in one egg? Before answering, it should understand what kind of product is familiar with all the eggs. Boiled chicken eggs are an indispensable product in the diet of a slimming person, its balanced structure, amino acids, and micro letters have a positive impact on the determination, cardiovascular system, strengthens teeth and bones, reduces the risk of cancer. Only one egg has a daily ideal of vitamins and micronutrients for the body during the duration of the diet.


How Many Calories in One Egg

Chicken eggs are very useful and rich in the structure of the product. And how many calories are there in a boiled egg? In 100 gms there are 158 calories. On average, one egg weighs 50 grams – hence the calorie value of one egg is 79 calories.


How many calories in one egg OR How many calories are there in boiled chicken eggs?

calories in one egg

Food and energy value

  • Calories per 100 grams – 158
  • 1 egg per gallon (50 grams) -79
  • Protein per 100 gr – 13
  • 100 gms per fat – 10
  • Carbohydrate per 100 grams – 1

How many calories in egg cooking type: Raw, roasted and boiled and hard boiled

  • Raw – 80 calories
  • Boiled soft boiled – 50-60 calories
  • Boiled hard boiled – 79 calories
  • Fried – 120 calories

Calorie content of egg yolk and boiled eggs protein

1 egg calories

It should be remembered that the egg yolk is the most calorie part – approximately 60 calories. There are three times more useful substances compared to proteins, the calorie content of the protein is approximately 20 calories.


Benefits and disadvantages of boiled eggs for weight loss

boiled eggs for weight loss

First of all – a chicken egg – an indispensable product for nutrition during a diet, it is a natural source of protein and amino acids. And one of the most concrete factors is boiled egg calorie content, and immediately after eating there is a quick sense of fulfillment. At its core, this is a unique remedy for hunger.

Vitamin Cardiovascular system of group E has a beneficial effect. Vitamin D strengthens teeth and bones, affects positive skin and hair size, promotes active brain activity in the choline of the yolk. Lutein also contained in the yolk, as a natural antioxidant, strengthens the sight, protects the lens and retinal harmful effects of sun rays


A few years ago there was a dispute over the harmful effects of cholesterol, in which large amounts of yolk were present. Eggs were also prohibited from eating by many nutritionists, or there was a 1-2-dose restriction per week. But thanks to modern research, the myths of the loss of chicken egg have been rejected.
The cholesterol contained in the egg is absolutely harmless, and because of the high content of Colleen and lecithin, on the contrary,   promote the elimination of fat and cholesterol from the chicken egg body.

How to cook eggs: Recipes

How to cook eggs


We suggest some tips to cook the egg properly:

  • Eggs directly from the refrigerator you have to cook cold water, while at room temperature the eggs can be boiled in hot water, which in turn will speed up the cooking process.
  • The eggs should be covered to 1-1.5 cm in water.
  • After cooking, they should be cooled in cold water, with the help of this trick, we simplified the process of cleaning the shell.
  • The speed of cooking does not depend on the intensity of the fire. Cooking should be done on medium heat.

Here are three ways to make the egg:

  • Eggs soft-boiled – 3 minutes
    (liquid yolk and soft protein)
  • Eggs in one bag – Cooking time – 4-5 minutes
    (Hard protein and soft yolk)
  • Eggs are stacked – in cooking time – 7-9 minutes
    (hard protein and hard yolk)

How to Choose a Store Eggs

Store Eggs


To check the freshness of the eggs, they should be lowered into the water. If the egg is fresh (2-5 days), then it will go down, the egg will swim for 5-10 days from the offspring, but the stale will necessarily pop up.

Egg – A true healthy product, the most beneficial substance for the body and a storehouse, delicious, diet and not only a large part of the dishes. So the eggs are simply bound to be present in our refrigerator.