How Many Cups is 4 Quarts?

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Before going ahead, we must know about Quart.


How Many Cups is 4 Quarts

Let’s Find What is a quart?

A quart is a unit of liquid volume and that is equal to a quarter gallon or two pints. There are 2 different measurements of the quart: the US fluid quart and the UK imperial quart. There are 4 US customary cups in 1 US liquid quart.

1 quart = 4 cups (US)

1 quart = 4 cups (UK)

For US (Customary system):

In USA (United States of America), 1 liquid quart has a volume of 32 fluid ounces (946.35 mL) and one cup has a volume (liquid) of around 8 fluid ounces (that equals to 236.588 mL). It makes 32 divides by 8 = 4 cups in a quart in the US (Customary system).

For the Imperial System of UK:


In UK imperial system, 1 quart has a total capacity of around 40 imperial Ounces (fluid) (that equals to 1136.52 mL) and 1 imperial cup has a capacity of around 10 imperial ounces (Fluid) (that equals to 284.131 mL). That makes 40 divides by 10 = 4 cups in a quart in the United Kingdom (Imperial system).

That’s means US quart (946.35mL) is smaller than the UK quart (1136.52mL).

In the United States, there are pints, cups, quarts, and gallon. If you want to know how many cups are in 4 quarts, you should know some simple math to convert them.

How to convert Quarts into cups?


When it comes to converting quarts to cups, there is 3 type of cup sizes you need to be aware of:

  1. US cups (236.588mL)
  2. Imperial cups (used in pre-1970s UK recipes) (284.131mL)
  3. Metric cups (used in the UK and in Commonwealth countries) (250mL)

Question: How many cups are in 4 quarts?

How many cups are in 4 quarts

Answer with an Explanation:

There are around16 US customary cups in 4 US quarts of liquid.

For converting quarts into a cup, you have to know how many cups are total in 1 quart. There are around 4 US Customary cups in 1 US quart of liquid.

1 quart = 4 cups

After knowing this, now you can figure out how many cups are in any given number of quarts. If you have 4 quarts, to check how many cups that is, you have to just multiply the total number of quarts “X” by 4 for both United States (US) and the UK (United Kingdom) imperial. For the imperial quarts to metric cups conversion in the UK, you have to just multiply the number of quarts “x” by 4.54.

Please note that, if you are converting quarts into cups from food recipes in the kitchen, it must be important to know where this recipe is made from. For example, for a recipe of UK, the capacity of a quart is larger (1136.52 mL) than that in the (946.35 Ml).

US quarts to cups

·         1 Quart (US, fluid) = 4 Cups (US)

UK quarts to cups

·         1 Quart (UK, fluid) = 4 Cups (UK, imperial)

The above conversions should help 95% of people. An issue may arise if you are mixing up the different size of cups. For example, the UK rarely (since the 1970s) references UK imperial cups in food recipes and often adopts the metric cup, which is used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth. The metric cup is smaller (250mL) than the imperial cup (284.131 mL). Consequently, these additional conversions for quarts to cups may apply if you’re using a metric cup.


If you are using the metric cup:

  • 1 US Quart (fluid) = 3.78541 metric cups
  • 1 UK Quart = 4.546 metric cups

Quarts to Cups Conversion Table


Here we have included a reference table of conversions to help you see how many cups there are in a quart. This chart undertakes you’re either using the US fluid quart and cup or the UK quart and imperial cup.

Converting from quart to cup:

1 quart is equal to 4 cups, just multiply the number of quarts “x” by 4(Four) for both USA and the UK imperial system.