How many days in a year

Days get easily passed within our time. Weeks pass slowly. Months are way longer. And so are years. But have you ever imagined? The time we pass still remains the same at all standards. A year takes a longer time as it is a bigger unit. Then comes months. Out of complimentary time. Days are the smallest to count. Millennium is the biggest. But we won’t be needing millenniums, as that is a too big unit. Several generations pass away in a thousand years. Millenniums are that huge, as long as 3,65,000 days. So how long are years in days? Or how many days in a year?

How many days in a year

Let us find out.

Days are quite small time. We already know that. 24 hours at a time. Months are bigger, around 30 days. And in the middle, we have weeks that are 7 days long.

So, we have smaller data. Let’s now move on to years.

But before we do, let us know something about days and years.

What actually is a day?

What actually is a day

A day is a normal time in which the earth completes a rotation on its axis. The time taken is around approximate 24 hours roughly. If you wish to know the exact time, it is around 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. So the extra 3 minutes and 56 seconds are taken into account too. But this small-time gets added up to give an extra day. We have that as a leap year.

What actually is a year?

What actually is a year

A year is a complete duration in which the earth completes a revolution around the sun. An adventure around the boring looking sun, which gives us the seasons. The total time taken is around 365 days with a small 1/4th time of the day. It sounds for around 6 hours. That’s 25% of a day. So we can say 365.25 days.

So, how many days in a year? 365.25 days.

This is the exact amount of days in a year. We have the exact value. Congrats to us.

But why we don’t seem to use it in our calendars and date reminders? The number 365 is what we see everywhere? Is there a controversy to the time?


The time of 365.25 days is accurate. If someone asks you, how many days in a year exactly? You should say this number. But it is not used due to the format of the convention.

We tend to use numbers in the easiest way. And 365.25 seems to be a problematic number to say. So, for simplicity, we say 365. The other 25% of a day, does not get mentioned.

Although, we don’t say, calendars do keep a record of that. You might have heard of the leap year that follows up after every 4 years.

The leap year has an extra day to itself. It comes in the month of February. It is announced as the 29th day. As February has just 28 days with itself as opposed to 30 and 31 days of other months.

If you do the math with every 4th year and 25% of a day, you will get a full day. As 4 times of a 25% yields a unit or full 100%. That is a clear 1.

This 1 gets added to the total of 365 to give around 366 days. So, how many days in a year? 366 days if we consider a leap year. Or how many days in a year leap? It’s 366 days.

Till now we have two values that tell us the number of days in a year.

How about we use an average technique to see what comes up when we add a few years and a leap year. We have leap years once in a 4-year row. The other years are normal 365 day years. So, 3 times 365 plus a leap 366 gives us 1461 days. And dividing it by 4, we get 365.25 days. This is the same number we already have got once.

Therefore, 365.25 is the accurate number of days in a year.

For other calendars, like school years the date format changes a bit. The holidays are not counted at all. Only the working days come into play. Thus it will have a bit less of the days, as Saturdays and Sundays are cut down.

If there are 52 weeks in a year, we have 2 holidays per week. So, 2 times 52 is 104. Deducting it from 365, we have 261 days. This is the exact time with vacations. Excluding the vacations for 2 times a year (on summer and Christmas going for a month), we have just 201 days. Approximately 200 days. Thus, how many days in a year without weekends? 261 days.

Most calendars don’t use it. As since we miss out a 6-hour duration every year. But for the 4th year, we add it up to give a leap year with an extra day. That does add up the math to equate the time lost. And we do it in the form of an extra day. For this reason, we have different types of years. As 366 comes in its own year and the number 365.25 does not have a good convention, 365 is used. So, how many days in a year? It’s a complete 365 days.