How many Jews in the world?

Would you believe if we say, there are 4200 religions exist on this planet? Sounds amazing? Yeah, it’s quite amazing. Judaism is one of them. As you are seeking the answer of, How many Jews in the world? You might also be interested to find out other facts about Judaism also. So, here we are to tell you and give you some amazing facts about Jews and Judaism. We will also let you know, How many Jews in the world? Without making further delay let’s get started with some facts which might be unknown to you.

How many Jews in the world

History of Judaism:

History of Judaism

The Judaism initiated in the Iron age, in the kingdom of Judah and at the Second Temple Judaism. The origin is in the Bronze age. Judaism a first appears in Greek records as a religion in the 323 BCE – 31 BCE during the Hellenistic period. When it was Classical Ottoman period that is 1300–1600 BC, the Jews people were with the other communities of the empire, had prosperous days.

Jews people had the worst time in Germany during World War II. The exploitation of Hitler is known to all. He had killed Jews ruthlessly. It was known as the holocaust. Hitler had introduced antisemitism. His ruthless killing includes using the gas chamber, mass shooting, and other mass killings.

Famous Jews people:

Famous Jews people

Did you know that Jesus Christ was Jews? He was the prophet and a spiritual teacher and he has initiated the new religion Christianity. There are a bunch of celebrities who are Jews. Even in history, they had good success in the field of science and technology. Besides science and technology, there were a lot of influencers and great thinker and famous persons. You should know about them before knowing How many Jews in the world?

Benjamin Disraeli: He was the conservative Prime Minister of Britain. He was Jews by birth but Christened later.

Karl Marx: He was a German philosopher and he also initiated Marxism. Though he was an atheist, his ancestors were Jews.

Harry Houdini: He is one of the greatest magicians of all time. He was an escapist. He was also a Jews.

Albert Einstein: The genius, Einstein is a well-known scientist. He also won Noble prize in 1921. His discoveries on the quantum theory and the relativity are very precious.

Leon Trotsky: He was the Jews Marxist who was behind the Russian Revolution.

Niels Bohr: He is a famous scientist. His discoveries of the atomic structure brought evolution to the field of physics and chemistry.

Rosalind Franklin: She was a chemist who had contributions in the discovery of the helical structure of the DNA. Besides the DNA, she had also worked on the RNA and helped the advancement of the biology.

There are many more Jews people who are known for their great deeds and contribution to society.

Jews population according to the country:

Jews population according to the country

The United States has the most Jews population. It’s about 6.9 million and 47.7 percent of the whole Jews population. Israel is the other country with 6.6 million Jews population which is about 46 percent of the whole Jews population. Israel is moving towards becoming the major Jews country and within 2025, it is expected that Israel will be the Jews major country. Besides these two countries, France have the3 percent, Canada has 2.7% and the U.K has about 2 % of the whole Jews population. Still, the question remains, How many Jews in the world?

The number of Jews in the world:

The number of Jews in the world

Here’s the answer you were waiting for so long, How many Jews in the world?. The population of Jews population is more than 14.9 million. We have also got the history of the Jews population. It was about 7.8 million back in 1880, in 1900 the population raised to 10 million. In 1914, the population was about 13.5 1922 the population was about 14.4 million. 14.8 million in 1925, 15.7 million in 1931, about 16.7 million in 1939, The population had increased gradually up to 1940. But in 1945, the population came down to 11 million. It was the act of Germany, which was behind such consequences.

But, after World War II, the population became were increasing gradually and slowly. In 1990, the Jews population was 12.8 million, which increased to 13.8 million in 20 years, in 2010. In 2018, the population was 14.6 million.

Take away:

Judaism has some good history as we have described up there. Besides the other facts were also quite good. You have come to know now, How many Jews in the world? You also know now the population of Jews around the globe according to the country, you have also good idea about the history and their practices.

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