How many ounces in a cup

As our everyday starts with a “cup of coffee” but do you know everything about it, if not then let’s have a look at it.

How they are made

Have you ever even thought of why cups were made & can we even imagine of something else no we can’t even think of something else other than this. But for our everyday use do we know that “how many ounces in a cup” or have we ever thought of “how many ounces in half a cup“. We might not have thought of it as we are really very busy in our everyday life so we can’t think of it. But do you think of how cups were made earlier, how & why they are changed in several years & will they change in our future? As we all might know that earlier the cups were made up of “mud”, not any ordinary mud but the one which is quite”laterite” in nature. Being laterite soil they are very soft in texture& you can give them the shape you want easily & also they get hard easily of heating. Once they become hard when you can’t change their shape& if you try it for cibly then they will break down. But now the time has changed & now the cups are made up of “ceramic”. This material is counted in the most durable & it also looks good & all the costly cups which look quite high-class are made up of ceramic. But these days as we are getting modernized & we have started using plastic cups which are quite cheap & durable too but it’s not at all environment-friendly because plastic doesn’t get decomposed but ceramic & mud gets easily decomposed which makes then environment-friendly in use.


Why cups were made

Were cups made for drinking coffee & tea or was there any other aspect of making it. Well if we talk precisely then at the time of the invention of cup tea & coffee wasn’t invented so we can say that cup wasn’t invented for having coffee & tea. Actually, the cup that we are using today was not made in one go but the recent structure of cup is slowly developed from a pot with a bit of curvature. As we got to know that eating in a plate which has a straight alignment is a bit tough so if were place that with a plate having a bit of curvature makes it easy for us to eat. So slowly-slowly that cup was getting modified & at last, we get the shape which we are using today. But do you think that when the cups were made then have their makers thought of “how many ounces in a cup” or have they calculated “ounces to cups”? As per my concern the people were not that intelligent at that time so they might not have thought of it but do we are modernized & each & every company which manufactures cups make sure of “how many oz in a cup” & even “how many tablespoons in a cup”, which seems quite funny but that’s true as everything these days are getting commercialized so the same thing is also happening with our very own favorite “cup”.

Oz’s in a cup


So let’s get back to our topic that “how many ounces in a cup” if we take a look at our cups then we will get to see that the design has changed many times. And it has changed so that it becomes more convenient for its users to use it. As you can see that in recent years the size of the cup is getting bigger & bigger day by day as we are fond of having coffee in a good amount especially for those who study overnight or for those who work overnight. Coffee is something which keeps boosting us when we want to stay active so that we can do our work properly with more dedication. Now if we get into deeper than we will get to see that there are about 8 fluid ounces in a cup & about 16 tablespoons in a cup. This much is enough for one person to keep him boosted & he needs to further think about “how many ounces in a cup”.  But when you are having a cup full of tea or coffee then you should be careful of how much you are having because if you have them in more quantity then preferred then it will harm your health which can prove to be very vital so you should make sure how much you are having tea or coffee in your cup.


Do we need to get rid of it

Have you ever thought of using anything else rather than your cup, probably not so today we can’t even think of something else then cups for having our coffee & tea but can you think for a design that would take over the design of cups in future? Well, we can’t say anything about it now but who can say probably somewhere in the world someone is working on it that how can we change the shape of the cup that we are using today. So what do you think about it, do we need to get rid of the cups that we are using today or they are perfect, frankly saying nothing is perfect in the world so our cups are also not that perfect. If we hold the ceramic cups then they might get slipped from your hand as the texture of the outer covering of ceramic cups are very slippery & when we are serving hot beverages in those cups & if you grab it with your hand then it can burn your palms. Sowe can develop such material for cups which will deal with the above-listed problems & it will make more comfortable for us to use our very own favorite cups. 


How they got so close to us

Why we are getting so close to our cups that we don’t use any other thing for having coffee or tea. Why we don’t have coffee or tea in a glass just like we drink milk or why we don’t have coffee in a small bowl in the way we have soups, well these questions are quite tough to answer because there are no accurate answers available for it but we can at least say that we are having it in the way how earlier we use to do it. We are getting more & more close to our cups & in future, we might get more close to it & we will not use anything else then cups for having our most favorite day starters that is coffee or tea. These are very portable to store & quite handy to take with us moreover we can say that nothing will prevail over cups in future because day by day we are getting so close to it that we will start having something else in cups rather replacing it with anything else just like we have started having noodles & soups in our cups & in future more & more things will get added to this list.