How many people are in the US

How many people are in the US

Every day a new person is adding to the world & a person is leaving the world but do you know “how many people are there in the world”.

How many people are in the world

How many people are in the US

Why the population is increasing at such a high rate? Do you know “number of people in the US” or have you ever thought of “how many people are in the world”. So what do you think does it matters for the people that how many of them are present in the world right now, maybe not because when we have such a busy life & even don’t have time to think about our parents then how we can even think of it. But for sure it does matter for each & every person present in the world right now that how many there are because the growth of population these days are in such a rate that it will be terribly difficult for our future generation to survive here because we will end up most of the resources that are needed for living, even the most basic need of mankind will become difficult to provide. The government of each country has to think about it especially for those countries which are having a huge population like China & India where the population has exceeded 1 billion. As China has around 1.5 billion population & India has around 1.35 billion a population which is far away from the 3rd most populated country which is the US with 350 million a population.

How many people are there in the US

When we talk about world population then we have to mention America because it has the 3rd highest population among other countries. The best thing about America is, that besides having such a huge population, thousands of people each day are coming to America in search of work or for traveling or for staying there & each of them gets housed there comfortable which is the biggest achievement of America. Their government is so well established that they have solved each & every problem of their citizen & they haven’t yet started any campaigning for control overpopulation because they know they are that much capacity for serving that much of their countrymen without any compromise. But they have to make some decision for controlling the population because that increase in population will increase the consumption of natural resources which is not at all a thing to appreciate because they are in limited amount & requires a lot of time to refurbish.

Which are the most populated countries

As America has the 3rd highest population so the countries in 1st & 2nd positions are China & India where China has around 1.4 billion in population & India has around 1.35 billion of population & a estimation has been made that that says by 2020 India will become the most populated country in the whole world & it seems to be an achievement but it’s not because with such a big population it will be quite tough to run the government because providing jobs to so many people will not at all be a easy task & to provide their citizen with all basic needs like water, road & electricity will become difficult because whatever you have to do, you have to do in a large amount. SO it’s important for America to remind “how many people are in the US” as China has taken a lot of tough decisions to stop their population growth & all of those experiments had been proven to be positive & helped them to control their population. Though it will take a lot of time at least you have to start to see the results as soon as possible.

Why growing population can be terrible

A growing population can prove to be a curse because this increasing population will end up using all the resources & our future generation will not get anything which can even lead to another world war & this will even bankrupt many countries because they will not have enough to feed their citizens. That why it’s important to remind “how many people are in the US” because once the natural resources get finished then it will take millions of years to get refurbished & if our mankind doesn’t have the most basic things then they won’t be able to survive & one day the mankind will extinct.

How to control the population in each country

We have to take some major steps to control the population & one of the best way to do it is by educating people. By telling people that what will happen if the population keeps on exceeding proves to be the best way to control the population. Another most prominent way to do it is by making strict decisions like one child policy or two child policy & if any couple has more than 2 kids then strict punishments will be given to them. This will be the only way to control this population or else it will become a curse for our whole society.


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