How many weeks in a year

We all know that world calendar refers to the Gregorian calendar, comprised of 12 months. Sometimes confusion arises which let people think that how many weeks in a year? This confusion is because of the reason that some areas in the world do not consider holidays in weekdays. Due to that not count of days, the number of weeks per year becomes less. The number of weeks in a year becomes different because of the difference of leap year and common year. What is a leap year? This is a year in which sometimes an extra day or even a month adds to the normal cycle of 12 months. Furthermore, you guys know February sometimes have 28 days and sometimes 29. When February comes in 29 days that year is basically a leap year. And that 29th of February is a leap day. Why there is always a debate regarding weeks in a year. There should be some mechanism or mathematical calculation to calculate how many weeks in a year?


how many weeks in a year

If we consider the mathematical calculation, then the simple answer for this above-mentioned confusion is 52 weeks. If we go for the precise calculation then there are 52.177457 weeks in a year, a precise answer.

Is it important to know how many weeks in a year? Yes, it is, because many people around the world work with planning. For their accurate business planning or to plan something for a family event they go and check for year days. So, it is important that they should be knowing the exact information. There is religion in this world who even name their babies after knowing about the year, week and then day. People all around the world plan their weddings after considering the days of the year and weekdays. Even horoscopes follow this management of solar cycle and days. Well! This is a long debate. We would like to cut it short and focus on our concern and that is how many weeks are in a year?


We all know that world follows the Gregorian Calendar, having 365 days. These 365 days comprises of cycle of seven days starting from Monday and ending to Sunday. These 7 days basically make a wee. So according to this cycle of 365 days there are accurate 52.1428571 weeks in a year. We would like to clear here one confusion. Can a leap year add extra week to year? The answer to this confusion is that:

Month February= 28 days (normal year)


Month February=29 days (leap year)


Here you can see it is again the same, equal to 52 weeks or approximately we can say that there are 53 weeks in a leap year. According to our research, a leap year does not make any difference but to those who born on 29th February. Their birthdays come after 4 years. Joke apart. Having 53 weeks in a year does not mean that an extra month added to the year. This is just a point difference.


People sometimes confuse this thins that week in a year differs every year. This is not so. It looks like but if you consider the mathematical calculations done by Gregorian calendar. I can assure you there is just a point difference. Do not mix one day addition with one-month addition.  

We have come across the calculation that when there are 52 weeks and one day in a year, that is a normal year. When there are 52 weeks and 2 days in a year, that is a leap year.

Below is the chart of some previous and coming years which will elaborate about a leap year and normal year. This chart describes how many weeks are in a year and going to be in the coming years.


Year Number of weeks in this year Normal year Leap year
2015 52 weeks and one day  
2016 52 weeks and two days  
2017 52 weeks and one day  
2018 52 weeks and one day  
2019 52 weeks and one day  
2020 52 weeks and two days  
2021 52 weeks and one day  
2022 52 weeks and one day  

We have come across one thing more and that is leap year comes after every four years. There is exception when that are not divisible by 400 and get divisible by 100. So, we can now clearly say that,

One year=52 weeks in a year

This calculation is not tough of you do not mix it with holidays or extra days. One thing should be kept in mind and that is we follow Gregorian calendar. This calendar has 365 days. There are seven days in a week. Divide that days with 7 and here is the answer that there are 52 weeks in a year.