How much caffeine in a cup of coffee

Coffee & coffee all around but do you care of the amount of “calories” it has or has you ever thought  of the caffeine content it has in it


From where it all come

Coffee has become a habit with which we all love to start our day & without it, it becomes tough for some person to wake up. But while having a cup full of coffee have you ever thought of “how much caffeine in a cup of coffee” or have you thought of “how much caffeine is in one cup of coffee” because it’s your health & you have to think of it. So coffee has become such a part of our everyday life so we also have to know about how coffee becomes a trend, so let’s have a look then. Well, the story starts years ago when we were not that civilized & some Africans went in the search of food & they saw some red berries, so they plucked some & tasted the fruit & the fruit was very sweet & tasty but unlike other seeds the seed of that fruit tasted quite different. As in normal cases, the seed of fruit is bitter in taste without any fragrance but that fruit’s seed tasted quite different so they decided to take those seed with them. Someday accidently that seed fall into the fire & it cracked & an aroma came out of the seed which was quite awesome, so they put into the water & the color of the water changed so some of them drink that black water & they found it really tasty, so in such a way coffee was invented & today it’s everyone’s favorite. Though there is no full proofstory behind the discovery of coffee this one is followed by people. 


Do you care about its caffeine content?

Normally we don’t even think of “how much caffeine does a cup of coffee have” nor we think of “how much caffeine in coffee” but when we are having it on a regular basis then we should think about “how much caffeine in a cup of coffee” because it’s something which is related to our health & our health should be our first priority & you should properly know about the amount of “caffeine in coffee” because there is a certain amount up to which you can have caffeine & if that amount exceeds then you have to face a lot of problems. “Caffeine” is a neurological enhancer which & that’s why people get addicted to tea, coffee, espresso, energy drinks & other caffeine content because when you drink it once your brain as you for more as it enhances your brain & makes you feel fresh. You might have heard that when headaches then some people recommend drinking tea but eventually there is nothing inside tea which helps you to deal with a headache but it’s only your mind which tells you that after drinking tea your headache is gone, so you have to be careful about it. So when you are consuming caffeine-rich drinks then you have to make sure that you are not getting addicted to it because if it happens so then you have to face some major diseases & even your liver can get damaged which will lead to further more problems. And if you already got addicted to it then don’t lose a day & immediately contact a doctor & do a checkup of your health or else it can become vital in future.

How many calories are you gaining?


Many people say that coffee will cut your weight but is that so, are you sure about it. Does it means that you need not care about “how much caffeine in a cup of coffee”, that’s just not the case but you do have to care about “how much caffeine in a cup of coffee” because with the increase in amount of coffee the amount of caffeine also increase & with that the number of calories also increase so before having more & more coffee you should have in your mind that coffee has more calories than tea & espresso so it will increase your calorie intake & eventually you will increase your weight. Maximum calorie in a caffeine-rich drink is an energy drink, they have a lot of calories around 4 times that of coffee so you need to care about it if you frequently have energy drinks & then don’t do any physical work to burn your calories. Drinking everything is good but you have to be in your limits & if you try to push your limits then it might cause you to even death.