How Much Caffeine in a Shot of Espresso

When it comes to caffeine, it’s everyone’s favorite whether it’s in coffee, tea or in an energy drink. As for many people, the day starts with a cup of tea or coffee as it has caffeine which boosts up their mind & makes them ready for the day. But day by day coffee is getting more popular & when it comes to coffee we remember its varieties like cappuccino, latte & many more but the one which still remains at the top is “espresso”. Have you ever wonder that “how much caffeine in a shot of espresso”. But let’s first talk espresso & let’s learn something very interesting about it.

how much caffeine in a shot of espresso

The cultivating of the espresso is quite different from the other variety of coffee as in this case the fruit of the coffee is eaten by a raccoon which is quite similar to a cat & then the seed of the coffee is recovered from its dropping. After knowing this fact many of you might leave drinking the costliest variety of coffee that is espresso, as its seed are taken from the dropping of a raccoon. But it is quite delicious & one of the most famous one. It’s so tasty that there is no need for even mixing sugar & milk with it, only by adding warm water with coffee powder will give you the real taste of espresso.

Shot of Espresso

Now let’s get back to “how much caffeine in a shot of espresso”, even many people want to compare the amount of caffeine in coffee with the amount of caffeine in espresso. ”Is there more caffeine in espresso than in coffee”, let’s have a look. Normally there is 100 mg of caffeine in a 212 mg cup of espresso, now this stat might not be understandable by many, so let’s compare it with a regular shot of coffee. In a 12 oz shot of coffee, there is about 120 mg of caffeine whereas in only a 2 oz shot of espresso you will get 80 mg of caffeine. So making it easier, you can say that there is about 10 mg of caffeine in 1 oz of coffee & there is about 40 mg of caffeine in 1 oz of espresso. So espresso has 4 times more caffeine than coffee, are you then changing from coffee to espresso which will boost you faster than coffee & also it tastes far better than coffee.

Caffeine in a Shot of Espresso

Now let’s talk about caffeine, this is actually a drug which help us in waking fast, as after waking up for sleep we are still in our sleep but when you take a sip of caffeine it when through your nerves & open it up so that the neural connections works fast & make you feel fresh & energetic for the day. Caffeine is a drug so it is addictive & most people are addicted to it, as many people are there who can’t even think of starting their day without a cup of tea or coffee. This addiction is not that harmful to our body so people don’t mind to get addicted to it. If caffeine is addictive then there should be a particular point up to which it’s good for our help & if it exceeds that then it can harm us.


So now the question comes that “how much caffeine is too much“? As many people don’t even care about it & keep on drinking tea, coffee & energy drinks the whole day which can harm them. According to the standard stats, 400 mg of caffeine in a day is the standard one. This will be around 4 cups of coffee & when it comes to energy drink than it is equivalent to 2 cans of energy drink & 10 cans of soft drink like coke. Now, this thing is no equal for everyone as it’s the standard stats. So those who are taking more dosage then mentioned should get warned because they all are spoiling their health & the addition of anything is wrong so make sure you don’t get too addicted of tea, coffee, or other caffeine-rich drinks.

How Much Caffeine in a Shot of Espresso

Now let’s get back to everyone’s favorite caffeine-rich drink which is espresso, the dosage or taking or espresso shouldn’t exceed 5 cups a day as it will harm you. You should remember this & if you can’t resist yourself from drinking it more than 5 cups a day then keep of asking yourself that “how much caffeine in a shot of espresso”, so that you can remember your limits. This is necessary because espresso is very delicious & especially in winters it becomes very tough to resist yourself from drinking it, as with taste caffeine also helps in heating up of our body. We should drink a caffeine-rich drink but also we have to keep ourselves healthy.