How much water to drink a day

Water is not just a liquid, don’t take it as an emotion. Rather it is an important liquid that caters to our body’s functions and makes sure we don’t die. While the food might not be an important thing always, water and air are. But here, we only take for water. So, drinking water is good for our body. But how much of it is actually needed? How much water to drink a day?

how much water to drink a day

This actually depends on the seasons that your region now has.

As we don’t care much about spring and Autumn, Summer and winter make us drink water variable. Why? As during summer, we do sweat like anything. And this is water with salts and toxins coming out of our body. So this needs to be refilled. We have to drink water to fill it up. While in winter, we don’t sweat at all unless doing something hard or vigorous. So we don’t drink that much water at all.

But how much of water is actually mandatory?

The amount of water depends on a lot of factors. It depends on weight, body mass, muscle content, diseases if any. People who have more body and weight ratio need to drink a good amount of water. As it runs through the whole body with the blood too. If diseases are common like diabetes, then a lot of water is to take in. As a diabetic person loses most of this water through urine and sweating irrespective of the season.


But exactly, how much water to drink a day?

This is actually simple. Water is required for removing of toxins, urea, excretory chemicals, oxidants products, excess salts, vitamins, and others. So, you need to drink a good amount. Prior quantity is around 2.5L to the 3L maximum.

how much water to drink per day

The average amount of water required per day is actually variable. As you don’t know what kind of activities you would be doing and the water requirement depends solely on that. So, for assurance, a quantity of minimum 2.5L  is enough, or 10 glasses. This is enough for curing out toxins, and urea from your body without excessive water loss.

So, how much water to drink a day? 2.5-3L.

how much water are you supposed to drink a day

TO be scientifically accurate, the minimum amount of water required is minimum 2L. Not less than this amount. Else a person can fall prey to kidney stones, dehydration on drinking sweetened drinks. Although a more amount is appreciable for anybody. The safe side quantity is 3L, as you won’t be dealing with any sort of water-related diseases at all. It also ensures proper removal of waste materials too.

So, how much water to drink a day? 3L.

how much water do I need to drink a day

this is one of the most common questions. But a simple answer is 10-15 glasses of water. Or to make it more simple, 1L in 4 equal amounts after 3 hours of every meal. This also makes it quite relevant for not harming the digestion after eating. The total amount sums up to 12 amounts if you eat 4 times a day. And that is equal to 3L.

Drinking water in the right amount is always necessary and not taking this seriously might be harmful to a good extent. Your body works 40% solely, with the help of water. And not taking enough water will hamper this. But make sure you don’t drink too much water as it can be harmful too.

Therefore, how much water to drink a day? 3L.