How to Get Blood out of Clothes

Is your favorite dress stained by blood for some reason? Then you must be wondering how to get blood out of clothes. Blood stains are really hard to remove. You can’t remove the blood stain by regular clothe wash and it won’t even leave the clothes gently. You have to apply enormous effort and some tricks to remove the blood stain. And if you are eager to know how to get blood out of clothes then you are reading the right column. We are going to tell you how would you remove these stubborn blood stain from your favorite clothes.

How to Get Blood out of Clothes

Why blood stains are stubborn and hard to remove?

You might be wondering, why it’s hard to remove the blood stains from clothing? So let us tell you that blood contains something called Haemoglobin and fibrin. Now these two things make the blood clotted out of the human body and more over the fibrin is not even soluble in the water and that’s why the blood binds with clothe very tightly and for the same reason it is very hard to remove the blood stain from any clothe and once the blood gets dry, then you will also have to put extra effort in order to remove the blood stain out from your clothes.


Any other possibilities?

In our practical life, there is an infinite number of possibility. Even your sheets can be stained by blood and then you will be thinking how to get blood out of sheets. But honestly or unfortunately you can’t remove blood stains out of your sheets. And if you ask, there are plenty of other ways in which your dress might be stained by blood. Any kind of minor cut in the body can even cause it. And in the case of women, the blood stain due to period might be a problem. So, you should know how to get blood out of clothes.

How long will it take to remove blood stain?

How to Get Blood out of Clothes

It completely depends on the fabric or the type of cloth. If it is cotton, then it will take a long time and if its silk or any other mixed type of clothes then It will be little easier to remove the blood stain out of the clothes. Besides it also depends on how much effort you will give in order to remove the stain. It will also depend on the quality and the power of your detergent or whatever chemical you are using. The concentration of the chemical might be a great factor. But you don’t have to worry about how to remove blood stain, because the stain will be certainly removed.

What are the ways to get the blood stain out of clothes? 

So here we are going to mention some very effective way to remove the blood stain out of clothes.

  1. Soaking clothes in water: you can simply soak the cloth in water and leave it for a few hours that might help if the blood didn’t get dry.
  2. Use soap and water: Scrub the stain o clothe with soap and water and try to use good quality soap scrubbing for a few minutes will certainly give you some satisfactory result.
  3. Lemon juice: using lemon juice to remove blood stain isn’t a bad idea and you can apply lemon juice on the stain and leave it or a few hours. That might help.
  4. Baking soda: Baking soda can make the job done too. You can make a baking soda and water solution and apply the solution on the stain it may also help.
  5. Oxygenated bleach: Oxygenated bleach can remove any stain and can have a magic effect on the stain so you can also use it.
  6. Salt: You can also apply salt and water solution as an option. Just add some salt to the water and make a concentrated solution and rub It on the stain. I can also help you.

Care for the following things:

Don’t wash blood stained clothes with regular laundry. If you wash the stained clothes with other clothes then the other clothes might get stained so keep that in mind, you should wash the blood-stained clothes separately.

All the chemical and the detergents are not suitable for every type of clothes so don’t forget to check the bottle of the chemical or detergent to see whether using the substance on the particular type of cloth you are trying to wash is safe otherwise you might end up with some holes in the cloth or your favourite dress may also get discoloured. So keep that in mind

If you’re using any kind of chemical, then you should also be aware whether the chemical has any side effect on the human skin or not otherwise the chemical may harm you too.

So, now you know a lot of ways to remove blood stains from clothing and we have satisfied your curiosity about how to get blood out of clothes.