How to Give a Hickey

How to Give a HickeyHow to give a hickey? One of the most intriguing and romantic time with your partner resides with a hickey. Well, a strong kiss or a hickey can do a lot of things. It resembles a strong relationship between yourselves. Aside, relating to a hickey sounds very intimate relationship among yourself. Since your partner might indulge in sex for no reason with you. Otherwise, a hickey resembles a lot of things that over 70% of relationships don’t have. Thus, if you are in the middle heat of a moment, how to give a hickey at that time?

We will show you the right steps below. But before that, let us know something about hickeys.

What is a Hickey?

A hickey is a long timed kiss or basically a love bite, especially occurring on the neck or shoulder or even in your cheeks. A hickey results when your partner lands up a great kiss, for a long time. It does resemble a lot of things, one mainly is the strong love and intimacy in your relationships. Aside, some hickeys are dangerous too for many reasons.

Why a Hickey Occurs After a Kiss?

A hickey is sometimes referred to as a love bite. Quite contrary to the fact, since it leaves as a permanent mark on the place of its origin or effect. Hickeys cause some of the blood in the place to clot up a bit. It happens right over the place where the kiss was landed. Biologically, it occurs due to the breaking of blood vessels in a particular area under the skin. The blood vessels then pile up together and generate a red patch or a spot. That’s not just knowing how to give a hickey.

How to Give a Hickey Properly?

To preserve the moment and land a good hickey, here are some steps that you can follow on how to give a hickey.

1. First, Get To a Comfortable Place

When you are approaching a hickey, make sure you both get comfortable in a proper place. A bed sounds incredible, while sofas or a well-maintained standing position sounds fit enough. This is because for several reasons including being comfortable, the natural warm feeling and both of your closeness matters. Thus a bed sounds better than anything on the process of how to give a hickey.

2. Second, Ask for Indirect Permission

You can’t just land up a hickey on your partner. Neither can you do this magical thing which is more of an intimacy event, by asking? All you have to do is to enter the spur of the moment. Make sure your partner relies on this well. Now reach out to the spot. Keep your lips on the place for several times to make sure your partner isn’t uncomfortable with this.

3. Third, Build up the Mood

A hickey is not just a strong kiss, it is an emotion. You can practice it at other times when you are just naturally interacting with your partner. On the other hand, keep the magical mood for the final time when you land a perfect hickey. That’s an important step in trying how to give a hickey.

4. Fourth, Find a Good Place

Now it’s up to you to choose the right spot. Common suggestions for hickeys include places like the neck, lips, cheeks, shoulder sides, and few other places. The choice of places can be complementary but you should make sure a better agreement. Never ask your partner the place for a hickey. This immediately ruins the moment along with your respect for your partner.

5. Fifth, Do The Job

If you have made out a good position, with your partner being comfortable enough, you can approach for a hickey. Now for the process, get to the place. Place your lips on it in a rounded position. And then suck good for around 10-20 seconds to form a patch or a red mark. Although, it might not be noticed by your partner. Make sure you see it well in the place.

Are Hickeys Dangerous?

As learning how to give a hickey is great. But hickeys are a bit dangerous for the fact, they can cause mild blood clots in the place. These can travel to the heart and cause serious damage there. As to that, forming a hickey within 10-15 seconds is good enough. This only causes mild bruises to the underlying blood vessels and forms a good hickey. Sucking for more than that can land with chances for minute blood clots. So be careful when unusually loving your partner.

To know how to give a hickey, you also have to know how to build up the moment. A forced hickey never sounds good, nor does it prove your love. But if you are to spend some time learning the trick, building up an intimate relationship is easier. It will become better for you to interact with your partner in more ways. Since now you know how to give a hickey.