How to make yourself Sneeze?

How to make yourself sneeze? Sneezing or Sternutation is an involuntary action that occurs almost instantly. There’s nothing you can do about it. When a sneeze occurs, a huge force of air comes out of your mouth. Also, a sneeze occurs due to a possible irritation in your nose that spikes up a nerve to cause the event. Most people go through several stages of sneezes to release irritation or irritants out of the nose passages. Although an involuntary action, a sneeze is sometimes very important to happen. Then, how to make yourself sneeze?

How to make yourself Sneeze

Here is a simple way to do that.

How to make yourself sneeze properly

Sneezes occur due to irritants in your nasal paths, which cause a lot of irritation. This irritation has a slight tickling effect in your nose and thus causes certain discomfort. In such cases, sneezes are common. They occur naturally to relieve you. But if you are in the middle of irritation, you must sneeze forcibly with caution. Making yourself sneeze is not a difficult task. All you need to know is the right trick on how to make yourself sneeze.

How can you make yourself sneeze?

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To make yourself sneeze, you have to force an irritant in your nasal passage. The rest of the job will be done automatically by the irritant. Certain irritants do a wonderful job that makes yourself sneeze. But some irritants are harmful to you. You should look to avoid them at all costs.


Forcibly sneezing can cause certain body defects and forced symptoms. Sneezing is a very energetic work that occurs almost instantly. Air is forced out of your mouth with a huge force. If such force is allowed to flow through the body for repetitive sessions, the serious strain can occur. Total sneeze energy is powerful enough to burst nasal pipes and blood vessels if flow in the wrong direction. Make sure to be very careful when performing sneezes without any reason while attempting how to make yourself sneeze.

How to make yourself sneeze in 5 safe ways.

Here are some simple tricks on how to make yourself sneeze.

1. Tickle the nose from inside

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Sneezes are common when some irritant gets into your nose. Instead of going into the windpipe, the irritant stays inside your nose. It irritates the nose hairs and causes a spike in for a sneeze. You can replicate this effect by using a tissue. Fold and twist one end of the tissue. Make it pointed and insert gently into your nose. Stop once you get a tickle and an urge to sneeze.

2. Inhale strong perfume

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A strong mist of perfume can cause your nasal furs and mucus to get instantly irritated. Strong perfume is usual chemicals made with mist alcohol and spirits for instant fuming. When you inhale such fumes in a concentrated amount, your nasal pipes adsorb the fume. Then the irritation starts and an irritation spikes up to provide you with relief.

3. Pull out a nostril

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A simple method to make yourself sneeze, pull out a nostril. Nostrils are the small hairs in our nose that traps germs and dirt from entering into the windpipe. When these nostrils are pulled out with their ends, it causes a sting pain. Our receptors take it as a sensory disturbance and order a sneeze to relieve it. You can use this trick to cause a small sneeze if you need one. Make sure to pull out just one or two.

4. Smell some strong spice powder

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Spices can cause instant sneeze when inhaled in very little quantities. Spice powders are very small particles that sometimes get trapped in the windpipe. When it comes in contact with the mucus, the spices dissolve partially to give a capsaicin effect. Such an effect causes an instant burning sensation in the windpipe. And then comes a large sneeze to the rescue.

5. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks causes sneeze in a rather unusual effect. These drinks contain a lot of Carbon Dioxide dissolved in the liquid drink at low temperatures. When you enjoy a carbonated drink, it goes into your stomach. Upon reaching a warmer environment, Carbon Dioxide gets released from the drink and rises through your windpipe. This instant and vigorous rise of the gas can trigger a sneeze due to the irritation caused in effect.

A simple trick on how to make yourself sneeze is to rely on a natural one. A forced sneeze can cause several nerve twists in your body that can cause paralysis. Sneezes are very important to forcibly clear out our nasal passages and pipes to eliminate any foreign particles. Aside, stopping a sneeze from occurring is furthermore dangerous. As the energy can burst blood vessels in the nose due to excess pressure in the hold. To make yourself sneeze, you can try several methods that are listed above.