How to make yourself Throw up?

How to make yourself throw up? Throwing up is a common condition when your stomach shows its intelligence. You ate something bad and it should get removed from your body. Unless at times, you do that to yourself forcibly. Such cases arise when you accidentally ingest poison or stale food. It can have chances of food poisoning too. To throw up, the stomach has to revert all of its contents into the food pipe to eliminate them. Thus, if the stomach does not make you throw up, how do you do it yourself? Or how to make yourself throw up?

How to make yourself Throw up

How does the Stomach Throw up Food?

Our stomach is a delicate bag designed to hold food and its processes of digestion. When you eat a lot, the size ratio becomes above normal. The stomach either keeps and you feel bloated. Or if it is too much over the top, you vomit. The stomach simply throws out all of the food by your mouth to return to normal. Aside, this process is also carried out when you eat something too uneasy. Or unhealthy for your body like poison, bad food, non-edible things.

The need to Throw up

Our body has several defense mechanisms to protect itself from foreign objects. This increases our chances of survival in certain situations if we have ingested non-edible food. The stomach has its way of keeping you healthy by emptying itself when necessary. The process of how to make yourself throw up is sometimes involuntary. Or it has to be done manually by the stomach or ourselves.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we are eating. If you are trying chips from a packet, it is fine. Suppose the expiry date is way over time. Before you report to the shop, it’s important to save yourself first. In such a case, you might need to make yourself throw up.

Make Yourself Throw up with These 5 tips

Here are some cool techniques to throw yourself up.

1. Inhale some unpleasant Fragrance

Our stomach feels to throw up when it accidentally takes in bad food. A similar process takes place when we inhale bad smells. Our sensory smelling nerves take it as a smell. But our stomach reacts differently and triggers a vomiting event. Thus, you can throw up easily when near very unpleasant smells.

2. Tickle with your Finger

If you want a rather effective but not cool method, the finger trick is a good one. All you have to do is to tickle your inner throat slightly to induce forced vomiting. It works on the fact that you forcibly induce certain muscle processes that favor vomiting. This is also the best if not a good technique. Proper hygiene maintenance is important in this case when you know how to make yourself throw up.

3. Toothbrush

Feeling weird and disgusting with your finger? The same effect can get carried out with your toothbrush, a better solution. Simply insert your toothbrush into your inner throat. Then tickle the side of the walls with the bristles gently. Don’t scratch too much, it can cause a small wound.

4. Warm saltwater

Saltwater can cause vomiting in a timely and more natural way than other methods. For this, you need to prepare a warm saltwater solution. Take a glass of water. Put into it, 2-3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of salt. Stir well and let the mixture settle for a minute. Drink it all within a single gulp or altogether. Don’t drink the solution sip by sip that can induce dehydration. After that, wait for yourself to throw up.

5. Mustard powder solution

A rather fast method is to use a mustard powder solution. Drink a glass of mustard solution by mixing a single teaspoon of mustard powder into it. Mustard powder can induce serious nausea feeling and make you feel like vomiting. After drinking the solution, you will urge you to throw up just after 5-10 minutes.


Knowing how to make yourself throw up can be a good trick as well as a bad one. Inducing yourself to vomit can save your life from poison. But using it deliberately for other purposes can upset the balance on which it happens. The stomach naturally induces vomiting several steps.

If those steps are disturbed by implementing them regularly, the sequence can become far easier to perform. You can get to throw up easily with dilute bad smells and small diet sizes. Aside, hurting your food pipe and stomach walls are some other side effects.

If you know how to make yourself throw up, you might just use it in a bad situation. Since, we sometimes might ingest unpleasant foods or poison, in fluid or solid form. Our health can get severely damaged and deteriorated. To make yourself throw up, the above-described methods are applicable to use. Last, not the least, make sure to follow proper care and hygiene when trying on how to make yourself throw up.