Red Spot on the Roof of the Mouth

Maximum people suffer from red spots or bumps on some point of their point. Most of the common reasons are like food, dentures or it can be a mouth or throat infection. Red spots on the roof irritate a person. This condition usually produced by viruses, bacteria and eating junk food, smoking, stress can also cause this. So in this article, we will go through a red spot on the roof of the mouth and find a little more knowledge about this.

Red Spot on the Roof of the Mouth

Reasons for this

An infection named Strep Throat is responsible for this. This usually affects the throat and tonsils. A variety of bacteria Streptococcus is considered to be responsible for this infection. If a person has red spots on the roof of his mouth he should contact a doctor. As usual, the doctor will suggest an antibiotic and to take rest.


Viral infection can also cause a red spot on the roof of the mouth as they attack the upper respiratory system, sinus as well as mouth. Herpes and paramyxoviruses cause such infection.  These can be related to the muscle that can grow large and often painless. But sometimes it can create a point of pain and distraction. Sometimes the viral infection caused red spots can be a bigger issue and can also be contagious.

Fungal type of infection can also be a reason for this. A certain type of fungi such as candid has a predilection for infecting warm areas like the mouth. Red spots caused by fungi can also be turned to creamy or white.

The autoimmune system of our body can also cause red spots on the roof of the mouth. It indirectly causes a red spot. It usually attacks inflammatory body organs and thus mouth got affected by this. Dermatologic conditions can also cause this by forming inflammatory rashes.

The environment around you can also affect your body for this red spot. As we know mouth is in direct contact with your body. So, whatever you eat pass through your mouth can be allergic to your body and this can result in a red spot to you.

Tobacco and alcohol is a major reason for oral cancer and diseases. These are the two most dangerous reasons for creating a red spot.

If you are living a stressful life it also may result such. Take care of your daily lifestyle and this will improve you from having such discomfort.

HFMD a serious issue

A common viral infection named hand, foot and mouth disease is a very serious issue typically triggers children of 5 years or less. Firstly it starts with a fever after 1/2  days it uses to release spall sores in the mouth. It turns to the red spot on the roof of the mouth. You can use a mouthwash oral spray to get rid of this.


Erythroplakia can be indicated as a fiery red spot on a mouth roof and cannot be characterized pathologically or clinically. It can be mostly on the people who use an excessive amount of tobacco or alcohol. It can create a painful and burning situation and a metallic taste in the mouth.


Canker Sores

CAnker Shores are shallow small ulcers that appear as a red spot in a mouth roof. Simple canker sores appear 4 to 6 times a year and last for a year. Complex canker sores are less common and occur more often in people. Canker sores, in general, appear in the age of 10 to 20. Stress, acidic fruit, injury in tissue may cause such.

Physical Injury

Red Spot on the Roof of the Mouth

A physical injury is the most common point for a red spot in the mouth roof. A sudden injury for a cut or burn for a too cold or too hot drink or food cause this including the broken ending of the tooth, uneven dental filling or an allergic reaction. In this case, it may take 2 weeks for the recovery of tissue.

Oral Herpes

Oral Herpes is an infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus and the affected area is lips, gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth. Its symptoms as fever and muscle aches. People get in contact with the disease by touching the saliva of affected people.


Red Spot on the Roof of the Mouth

As you know prevention is better than cure. We can provide you some tips to avoid such uncomfortable situations. And here it is:-

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily.
  2. You can maintain the good health of your mouth by using a mouth wash daily.
  3. Have a mouth checkup regularly or consult a doctor.
  4. If any other medications cause dry mouth then drink plenty of water or consult a doctor.
  5. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and allergic food how much you can.

So, we approximately mentioned all the points causing a red spot on the roof of the mouth. And all the reasons for such a problem. You can also prevent your mouth and comfort if you are sincere.