What does it Mean When Your Ears Ring

So have you ever feel the ringing of your ears or you might not have felt to give that much attention toward it but wait a second before neglecting it, as it might be an indication of some internal Damage of your ears. So “what does it mean when your ears ring“, well it may signify a lot of things which might be even harmful. Usually, a ‘tinnitus’ sort of vibration is felt in your ear which sometime might be a pleasure and sometimes painful or it might even felt like tickling. But the question with it still remains the same that why we feel so, as there are a lot of things to understand before we dive into the deep ocean of knowledge and some basic things are there which we have to mind before it. As our ears are among the sense organs of our body which is very sensitive and very precious but in a day we have to make our way through so many things which might harm our ears along with our other organs. So let’s dive into a detailed conversation of what it means and what actually happens.

What does it Mean When Your Ears Ring

Why it actually happens?

Ears Ring

Well-well we are into the open discussion of “what does it mean when your ears ring” and here we are going to look at the factors which make our ears ring. Well, a lot of complicated science is related to it but we will tell you in the easiest way possible. Our ear is divided into three parts, the outer ear, middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear the ear which is outside of our body that we can touch and feel and this portion is responsible for the reception of sound. The middle ear acts as a medium to convey the sound to the inner ear from the outer ear. And now we are in the inner ear which is solely responsible for hearing. This region holds the “cochlea” which is the most important part of our ear which processes the sound wave and changes it into a signal wave so that the brain can receive it and then only we are able to understand what we hear. The ringing of our ear is actually the movement of the hairs present in the middle ear and sometimes due to heavily ringing these hairs gets damaged which will cause pain in the ear and this will result into damaging of our ear.

How to get through it


Although it happens with us normally every day and you keep on thinking “what does it mean when your ears ring”, when someone whispers in our ear we get a sensation which feels like someone is tickling us from inside but actually this is because of the movement of the hairs present in the middle portion of our ear and whenever someone blows air into our ear the hairs move and we sense it. Well practically thinking it seems to be absolutely normal but when you see it from the vision of science then you will get to know that up to an extent it is completely alright but when you increase the intensity of blowing the air, the hairs start moving faster and this will cause a lot of damage to it and the hairs might even fell which will cause a huge damage because it will lower your ability to hear and it also might bleed from your ear, so you have to make sure these things and you have to take care of your ears and try to resist listing too high volume sounds.

How to stay prevented from it

What does it Mean

We as a normal person can’t even think of living without our ears even for a single day as it is among one of our sense organs and play a very crucial role in our day to day life. So we also need to think about it and these days we are putting a lot of pressure on it, are you still thinking that “what does it mean when your ears ring” that means you are putting a lot of stress on it and if you keep on doing it you will eventually end up damaging your ears. Especially when we hear loud music on headphone it causes a lot of damage to our ear and even after putting the headphones, our ear keeps on ringing that means we have put a huge amount of sound vibration in our ears that the hairs present in the middle ear is still vibration or we can say they are still moving which we feel as ringing or feel like tinnitus. Our ears are a precious gift to us from God and we have to keep it safe and sound.