What Does it Mean When Your Left Hand Itches?

Superstitions are everywhere. To be honest, everyone believes superstitious stuff more or less. But certainly, superstition doesn’t exist for an atheist. however, the reason is simple, human being tries to create links among the actions and the happenings. Consequently, we try to figure out, what will happen if we do this or that. Furthermore, in the course to maintain it, we create new superstitions. Sometimes little education or illiteracy creates such superstition. However, in most of the cases, superstitions are fun and help people to be confident before their important work. For instance, wearing a lucky shirt before going for an interview. Anyways, we will be talking about a lot of superstitions.

What Does it Mean When Your Left Hand Itches

If you enjoy superstitions, then you might be wondering what does it mean when your left hand itches. And the good news is we are going to tell you that too. Besides that, we are going to tell you when you need to consult a doctor to treat your itching left hand (Just kidding).

Here’s the definition of the superstition


Superstitions are the practice or beliefs that one does without knowing any logic or concrete proof or any scientific explanation behind it. Furthermore, it is also related to luck, prophecy, magic and some spiritual, invisible powers which are likely to be misunderstanding and illogical for an atheist but very logical for a blind believer. You got a clear idea about superstition now. And certainly, you will get to know what does it mean when your left-hand itches.

Is there still any drop of logic?


To be honest, superstitions don’t have any logic. Thus science never supports it. However, there’s something which backs superstitions. And that is, psychology seems to be connected to the superstitions in some way or other. Interesting twist, huh? So, you might be wondering how’s that possible? Let’s clear it then. Certainly, you have heard that you will become what you think. Once you have a strong belief about the happening of something which has your direct or indirect influence, then the chance of the happening will increase. Anyways, whether that is good or bad. If you are confident that something bad will happen, then the chance of happening bad increases and the opposite is also true. However, it’s not certain that whatever you think will happen. That’s why we said about the possibility or the chance. Carry on to know what does it mean when your left-hand itches.

Here are some of the most common superstitions

common superstitions

  1. Hanging clay hamsa on a wall, etched “good luck” in Hebrew protects the people of the house from harm.
  2. Some people think that keeping the rusty nail in lemon can help against the evil eye.
  3. Some people also say that a black cat is a sign of bad luck.
  4. The money will come if your palms are itching. Furthermore, if right-hand itches then, the money will come and otherwise if the left palm itches then money will go.
  5. If a cat crosses your road, then something unpleasant will happen to you.
  6. They say that if your feet itch, then you will be traveling shortly. Furthermore, If right leg itches then your traveling or the journey will be good and pleasant otherwise if your left leg is itching, then the journey won’t be pleasant.
  7. Itching ear is also a sign of something for sure. They say that someone is talking about you if your ears are itching. Besides, if your left ear itches then, someone whom you love is talking about you and if your right ear itches then, it’s the opposite.

We have listed some of the most common superstitions. There are many more local and uncommon superstitions. Now, you will get to know what does it mean when your left hand itches.

What does it mean when your left hand itches

left hand itches

So here’s the answer you were waiting for so long. These superstitions have been conveyed down to us by the ages of our ancestors. An itch in the right palm means that there will be a monetary windfall in your life very soon. they also say, if scratch the palm then we will end up losing all of the money. Thus, if we want the fortunate money to come our way, then we need to keep calm and keep the itching palm as it is.

The conclusion:

So you can realize now the superstitious people around the world are so much innovative and creative that they have made a lot of superstitions. Above all, they are adding more and more to the superstitions brought down by their ancestors. So every time any part of your body itches just visit Mostfox.com to find out what’s gonna happen and how to get ready for it.

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