What is the most populated city in the world

No doubt the population is increasing very quickly and that’s not a good sign at all. Most of the problems we are facing, occur due to the overpopulation, especially in the underdeveloped country. Human beings are intelligent and the intelligence of the human has led the society towards luxuries and comfort and a good lifestyle for sure. Cities are the best place for that. That’s what makes the cities more populated than the villages. If you are wondering about what is the most populated city in the world, you are in the right place. We will let you know what is the most populated city in the world and the problems the population is causing.

What is the most populated city in the world

Why the cities are populated?

Why the cities are populated

One can enjoy the luxury, comfort and different benefits in the developed places of a country. The developed places with quality lifestyle, quality education, healthcare are called urban places or a city. Most of the people come to the city to get the advantages and live a comfortable life. That’s what makes the great cities overpopulated. We have mentioned the top most populated countries, which will help you to satisfy the curiosity of what is the most populated city in the world. These cities are well developed. The huge number of people are helping to make these cities grow and developed all the way. And as there is a good quality of education is provided in the city, technology becomes a moving power for the city. We can name cities like Tokyo. It is one of the most developed countries around the world in the field of technology and science. The Shanghai of China isn’t behind too.

What problem is the population creating?

problem is the population

The problem due to the overpopulation isn’t limited at all. Instead, it will have a long-lasting problem. The reason is the overpopulation is causing the lack of food and the lack of living and farming land. The number of conflicts between different countries has increased in recent years. The reason is somehow connected to the population and their needs. Some of the countries are lacking different resources, which forces the countries to choose the conflict. Besides this, the population is also leading to the decrement of the green fields on the earth. And in the long run, the amount of carbon dioxide is rising gradually which is affecting nature adversely.

What is the most populated city in the world exactly?

most populated city in the world

Finally, here’s the answer you were waiting for so long, what is the most populated city in the world. The city is Tokyo of Japan. Tokyo has a population of around 37, 435.200. In the given list, you will also get the names of the cities behind Tokyo.

The list of the cities with the highest population

1    Tokyo    37,435,191

2    Delhi    29,399,141

3    Shanghai    26,317,104

4    Sao Paulo    21,846,507

5    Mexico City    21,671,908

6    Cairo    20,484,965

7    Dhaka    20,283,552

8    Mumbai    20,185,064

9    Beijing    20,035,455

10    Osaka    19,222,665

11    Karachi    15,741,406

12    Chongqing    15,354,067

13    Buenos Aires    15,057,273

14    Istanbul    14,967,667

15    Kolkata    14,755,186

16    Lagos    13,903,620

17    Manila    13,698,889

18    Tianjin    13,396,402

19    Rio De Janeiro    13,374,275

20    Guangzhou    12,967,862

Among these cities, the rate of increment in population is quite high in, Delhi, Dhaka, Lagos, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Karachi. Whereas the rate is negative in Tokyo and Osaka. Tokyo has most of the population of Japan and in the second place, there is Yokohama with the population of 3,574443. As you can observe from the list, most of the cities are in Asia, the reason we can give is, Asia is the biggest continent and most of the countries are developing. It is one of the fastest developing countries in the world too. You know now what is the most populated city in the world anyways.

Take away

We have to take some steps to control the population. Most of the great thinkers believe, that, the only way to control it is, education. The overpopulation in the cities isn’t really a great problem. Because the cities are well developed and people will surely come to live a better life in the cities. But once the people will get well educated especially in the underdeveloped country, they will get to know how to make places other than cities fit for living. We can take the example of India. India is developing very fast and the villages are provided with good quality of education, which is helping the villagers to turn their villages into a better place to live. But you have got to know what is the most populated city in the world anyways.

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