World population by Race

First of all, let me tell you there are 7.7 billion people in the earth (and probably outside the earth I mean including the astronauts in the International Space station). Now, how much is that actually? It’s 77,00,00,000 yeah that’s a no. of 9 digits, That’s huge. As there are a lot of people around the world, there are also diversity, different races and if you are curious about all these things then, you have chosen the right website. Here we will be discussing the world population by race. And as usually let’s have some new information first.

World population by race

What is Race actually?

The race is basically the characteristics of human being and we can divide humans according to those characteristics. Such characteristics are kin color, eye color, hair color, facial types, bone structure. Using the concept of race, we divide people into a few groups and most of the times science gets involved, the biology obviously. The genetic traits are the standards to apply the race concept by biology. And sometimes geography plays the role of great importance because we also divide people according to geography. And in the 19th century, the nationalism was added to the concept of the race thus the race is based on the nation sometimes. And obviously the religion, the world is somehow divided by this religion stuff even if you don’t like. The concept of race has some conflicts too because people will call you racist if you comment about anyone based on the characteristics of the race that I mentioned above (Such characteristics are kin color, eye color, hair color, facial types, bone structure). So yeah it’s pretty messy stuff so I don’t talk about race in public. The society can divide the earth population by race most of the times but you can’t.

Is the race concept helping us?

To be honest I don’t see any helpful contribution by this concept of race at all. Yeah maybe the race stuff will help you to be united but unity is only helpful when it goes to the creative direction. But when you take the newspaper in hand you will find a lot of examples of destructive direction, not the creative direction. I can take the example too. The Christchurch Mosque attack was also a kind of racism and the attack in the church of Sri Lanka was the revenge of the Christchurch Mosque attack. So how did racism help here? This isn’t the only example the racism existed in the US to the so-called most powerful country. The white Americans were given different privileges and other black Americans lacked such help. But the presidency of Barak Obama is recognized as the end of racism but still, there is a little bit left in the US and in the world.

Percentage of world population by race

So finally what is the world population by race? I have shown The world population by race below and divided on the basis of the country (The major countries are shown here)


So there are other races too but the no. of countries is 197 so listing all isn’t that easy. The world population by race
is also divided according to the religion as I said earlier here’s the data.


So, that’s all for this article and I believe that you got to know that you wanted to know about World population by race. Have a good day.