Bible Verses about Strength

We all go through some troubles in our lives where we must seek help from our friends, partners, parents anyone that cares for us. When we find ourselves in a tough situation we start getting nervous and get emotionally unstable, frightened to face the problems and whatnot. At that time above everything, we need God and God’s principles to guide us to be strong and stand our ground under difficult circumstances. The evil will always force us to give up and fall weak to our knees but everyone should remember that our beliefs in God will come true as he will save us. One can always look for bible verses about strength for prayers.

Bible Verses about Strength

If you are facing a hard time and can’t find directions in life looking for strengthening your mind and body then here is the right place to know some verses that will guide you out of tough situations. Learn these verses from the Holy Bible to call on them when you need.

Here is a list of verses that provides power and comfort to the child of God. After reading them you will find a cure to every hardship and find your mind and soul renewed.

ISAIAH 40:29

“He will give strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”.

This verse tells us that God will share his strength with the exhausted and weary ones and he will provide power to the powerless.

PSALM 119:28

“My soul is in tears with sorrow; please give me strength according to your word”.

This means that the person’s soul is in constant sorrow and he cannot stop crying. The tears are uncontrollable so he seeks help from God to give him the strength that meets this constant wearing away, this slow work of sorrow. We need strength to bear the pain and sorrow that we have to endure.

MARK 12:30

“Love the Lord, our God with all our hearts and souls and with all our minds and all our strength”.

Here heart, soul, and mind describe every characteristic of our personalities, being, thoughts and everything which influences our feelings, beliefs, desires, and intentions. Loving God means more than just loving God it tells us to be righteous, obedient and take actions on behalf of God. Strength also means might. Our heart, soul, and mind direct our feelings and our actions. It is the might that determines the extent. This bible verses about strength will help you get out of every hurdle.

PSALM 46:1

“ God is our refuge and strength, an always present help in trouble”.

This bible verses about strength deliver a message that no matter how tough things get or difficult situation arrives God will be our refuge and strength. We can always trust in God to take actions when something tragic happens.

PSALM 22:19

“But you, Lord, please be close to me as you are all my strength and I need your help”.

This verse tells us that, God is our only savior from any kind of trouble and we cannot let him go away from us as we need his help in every step of our lives.


“It is God, who is my salvation; I have my faith in God and I am not afraid. The Lord himself is my only strength and my defense; he has become my salvation”.

This verse translates to, God is the author of one’s salvation. Since God is the almighty, he will be able to save us and to perfect what he was begun, we will confide in him and not will get scared of the power of the enemy for we are safe in his hands. God is the creator of our confidence and we must trust in him.


“I pray to God that with his glorious reaches he shall instill strength with power from his spirit in our inner being”.

It means praying to God to give our inner selves strength through his holy spirit and fullness of God’s perfections.


“Nehemiah said, “ You can have your likes of dishes and delightful drinks, and share some to those who are less fortunate. This day is holy to our savior. Do not be upset, as the happiness of our lord is our strength”.

According to this verse, God wants us to rejoice and to step in the path of honesty, righteousness, love and not to be sad as every day is a holy day for God and the joy of our Lord becomes our source of strength.


It is a bible verse about the strength that tells us that we don’t understand how weak we are and we struggle to admit our weaknesses, living a human life takes more than human strength, it takes the power of God which we get from our beliefs in God.