How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

Eyelashes are one of the most important components or feature which can enhance your beauty. Eyelashes are one of the creativity of nature which doesn’t only enhance the look, it also helps to protect your eye. So looking at these two features, we can realize how important it is. So you might want to know more about the eyelashes. And if you are wondering how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back, then you are at your destination because we are going to give you the proper answer of the question, how long for eyelashes to grow back. And we won’t only give you the answer, we will also tell you how to take care of your eyelashes, what are the causes of loss of the eyelashes. So let’s get started without further delay.


How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back

What are eyelashes:

What are eyelashes

Eyelashes are the curved hairs which grow on the edge of the eyelids. Eyelashes are similar to the hair according to biology. The function is only different.

What is the function of the Eyelashes?

What is the function of the Eyelashes

Eyelashes basically help the eye in some way. It protects our eye from dust or any foreign particle to get into our eye. Besides the Eyelashes plays a very important role to enhance the beauty. You can realize the difference between the two faces by means of eyelashes. You might have seen girls with artificial long eyelashes, so the craze for the long eyelashes is only to enhance the beauty. The artificial eyelashes are also available for only a few bucks.


What are the causes of loss of eyelashes?

What are the causes of loss of eyelashes

Madarosis is the clinical term for Eyelashes loss. There are a few reasons behind the loss of the eyelashes. The most common problems are listed below first.

  1. Pulling out: If the eyelashes are often pulled, then the eyelashes can fall off and pull out of the eyelashes is a common problem. So try not to touch the eyelashes often and if you have a habit of pulling eyelashes, then you may face a serious problem of eyelashes loss if the habit is not given up soon.
  2. Cutting: Some people also cut the eyelashes to give a smart look to the eyelashes and that sometimes causes the loss of Eyelashes.
  3. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is applied to the patients of cancer and chemotherapy is sometimes responsible for the loss of eyelashes in the patients of cancer.
  4. Lash extension: As mentioned earlier, women use the artificial eyelashes to enhance the beauty but the glue which is used to stick the artificial eyelashes, messes with the skin and the natural eyelashes thus it ends up with the symptoms of eyelashes.
  5. Thyroid: There is a gland called the thyroid gland which produces hormones. Now in case of any abnormality in the production of the hormone, the loss of eyelashes occurs and the solution is to consult a doctor and take medicine to get the hormone level back to normal. That will help you to stop the Eyelashes fall.
  6. Alopecia areata: It’s an autoimmune disease, where the body treats its own cells as a foreign particle and tries to kill it. If it happens then, you should see a doctor soon and start treatment immediately. Because the consequences of making any delay might be fatal.

Do eyelashes grow back?

Do eyelashes grow back

Yeah if the problems are not related to any hormone any chemotherapy, then the eyelashes should grow back. Now you may want to know how long does it take eyelashes to grow back.


How Long Does It Take for Lashes to Grow Back?

How Long Does It Take for Lashes to Grow Back

As you are eager to know how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back, we are going to tell you the answer without any delay now. The time it takes to grow back completely depends on a few factors. Generally, it grows within one or two months and sometimes three months. It depends on the age, sex, and physical condition and the other external issues like, the eyelashes pulling habit or hormonal issue or chemotherapy.

The conclusion:

So we can conclude that eyelashes are one of the vital factors of our body and if we don’t take proper care, then we may lose eyelashes which won’t be a nice thing because losing eyelashes with make the face little bit abnormal and you won’t like people staring at you to search what’s missing on the face. Kind of awkward but think of you find that something is missing on someone’s face then you will also try to look for what’s missing.

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