How many cups is 8 oz

Ounces are mostly used for measuring liquid diet items which fall two small being measuring in grams. It is a widely accepted unit too, which can be easily calculated and converted to other units using math. Well, in our daily life we don’t get to use most of the common measuring units always. We don’t always measure the water we drink daily in exactly ml. We do it in the number of glasses. And that is a way more simple and accurate convention. Same goes with cups, which is also bigger than ounces (oz). But how cups and ounces (oz) relate? OR how many cups is 8 oz (ounces)?


How many cups is 8 oz

The measurement along with the conversion can be done easily. We just have to find out the quantities in oz and cups, and then do a comparison.

What is oz actually?

Oz is an abbreviation of the unit “ounces” which is a fluid measuring unit widely used for measuring out liquid food diets in small quantities. Oz is sometimes used in place of ml, as it is a bit bigger unit than ml and fits perfectly for some quantities without being too big or too small.

Bigger units like Litre, Decilitre are not conventionally used in small quantities, which might make the numbers quite confusing. And hard to remember.


What is cup actually?

Cup is not a unit mostly. It is a widely used convention for the sake of simple measurement, without keeping most of the details intact.

Although, in cooking and recipes, the cup is an unmeasured quantity which is formerly used for measuring out quantities of items. YES, the cup does have a quantity which can be measured right away simply using ml or g or even KG.

But the convention makes it useless. Cup is also used for measuring some liquid diets, which might seem too small for ounces and bit big for decilitre.

So now, how many cups is eight ounce? we will get to that now.


What is the relation between cup and ounces?

Cup and ounces are units which cannot be expressed right away, as we will only get a rough approximation. This is not enough, as we prefer (and will prefer) the exact amount of quantity in both of the units.

Let us use gram (g) to be the convention unit between the two, which is a smaller unit.

The relation between oz and gram.

Oz is simply ounces and gram is gram. Well to be keep everything simple, one ounce (oz) is equal to exactly 28.3495 grams (g).

Or to keep it more simple, we will take the quantity as just 28.35 grams. This more suits the actual value and the round off number has little difference.

The relation between cups and grams.


As said, the cup is a common conventional unit used in cooking and recipes, where the accepted metric units are not used for simplicity.

Rather not used for lack of measuring devices which are not always available. Well, since the cup is a convention unit, it will have variations. Just like glass which also has variations in grams and milliliters.

Not all glasses have the same volume, unless of the similar size and shape. Some have volumes around 200ml(mini glasses), some have the common average volume of 250ml (normal glasses).

Some have bigger volume, around 300ml 450ml, 500ml too (milk glasses). Similarly, cups have different sizes, ranging from teacups to big cups(sometimes called mugs or small jugs).

You can easily convert these numbers from ml to gram easily, the value will be nearly the same. If measured with water, at 4 degrees Celcius, the mass of ml volume of water will have a g value. Or at 4 degrees C, ml (volume) of water is equal to g(mass of the water).

Other fluids have different conventions and measures. Let’s just think that we have used water. Now for a particular cup, we will use the average rated US cup, which is exactly 226.8 grams.

This is a normal size cup, which is most commonly used for measuring (but not for tea or coffee surely). Therefore, now we know the equivalent weight of both of ounces (oz) and cups in grams.


We can now find out their individual relation.

Oz or ounces and grams as said before, don’t have that much of a  big difference in their quantities when measured in other smaller weights.

Like we did here just now using grams. So, let us get to the actual point here.

One Oz is around to be exact 28.35 gram. And one US cup ( common convention) is around 226.8 gram. Therefore, if one cup has 226.8 grams, the no of Oz required for filling a cup is 226.8/28.35  which is equal to eight.

Therefore, eight ounces go for one cup.

Or the answer to our original question which was, How many cups is 8 oz ? It is just One.