How Much Apple Cider Vinegar to Drink

How much apple cider vinegar to drink: Over the centuries, we have been hearing about the benefits of apple vinegar. It is very important to have Apple Cedar Vinegar in every kitchen.

This famous natural recipe detoxifies the body, work to balance heart disorder, pH levels and keep blood pressure stable.

Some people believe that skin has many benefits from apple vinegar, and it fixes the damage to the skin from the sun’s rays.

The biggest benefit of apple vinegar is that metabolism is better and helps in weight loss.

Many types of things are heard about the use of apple vinegar, but very few people know about its use. Let’s take a look at the right and wrong use of Apple Cedar Vinegar.


How Much Apple Cider Vinegar to Drink

Shots are wrong to take in

You may have heard many times that you can drink apple cider vinegar directly because it contains only 5 percent acids. But you probably will not know that doing this can be dangerous for your body. It can cause serious irritation in the neck or esophagus or any other problem can be encountered. It also affects your teeth. Due to this, there may be problems with worms, rot, and sensitivity in the teeth.


Dissolve in water

The best way to drink apple vinegar is to drink it with water. It does not have acidity. If you do not like it, then add some drops of honey to it. There will be no damage to the teeth, so it will be beneficial to drink straw.

Drinking in the morning is wrong

It is absolutely wrong to drink apple cider vinegar as you wake up in the morning because your belly is empty from hours. Taking an apple cider vinegar as soon as you get up from sleep can be harmful. You may also complain of nausea or vomiting.

Better to eat before eating

In many studies, it has been revealed that it is best to take apple cider vinegar before eating. This time it’s best to drink. Even after eating a heavy meal it keeps the level of sugar balanced. Apple cider vinegar contains prebiotics that helps healthy bacteria grow in your stomach. This is a natural recipe for keeping the stomach health healthy.


Do not drink too much

Many people think how much apple cider vinegar to drink, Experts say that one day should not drink more than two spoons. In the initial times, you need to be more vigilant. Initially start drinking it in small amounts. Gradually your body will get used to it, then you can increase its volume. But remember, increasing its volume does not mean that you will get more benefits from it.

The general problems related to health can be easily overcome by Apple Cider Vinegar. If you are feeling different or strange after drinking it, stop using it immediately and contact your doctor. If you consume it in a lot of quantity in a day, then consult the doctor.



  • Do not drink apple cider vinegar directly anytime. Its acidic acidity can cause irritation in the throat, and its flavor is very tasteless.
  • Do not use apple cider vinegar as a potassium supplement. It can reduce the amount of potassium in the body. Patients with arthritis or osteoporosis should not consume Apple cider vinegar.
  • If you have a complaint of acid reflux, chest burning, and peptic ulcer, do not drink apple cider vinegar.