Squamous cell Skin Carcinoma Symptoms

Squamous cell skin carcinoma symptoms: ever thought of what skin cancer or have you heard of “squamous cell skin carcinoma symptoms” Cancer itself is a terrifying thing but when it comes to “skin cancer” there is a lot more to know about have you”?

Have you ever seen a patient of skin cancer? Might not as you don’t know how it feels & how it hurts when your body looks devasting because your skin is your outer appearance so if it looks bad then it will spoil your whole impression. So let’s see that what skin cancer is & how the skin carcinoma of squamous cells happen & what are their symptoms so that you can get an early indication & cure it as fast as you can.

Squamous cell Skin Carcinoma Symptoms

General warning signs of skin carcinoma

There are many signs of skin carcinoma which ensures you about “squamous cell skin carcinoma symptoms”. There are some symptoms which can be seen in the majority of the people which includes the growth of a new spot or sort of a patch in your face which gradually keeps on increasing & then it gets a reddish appearance which slowly turns in dark brown & further to black. If the sore doesn’t get healed in 2 months then it’s seriously a thing to concern about. The most common symptoms we got to see is a lump which grows bigger day by day & also gets rough, crusty & scaly. If you see these symptoms then you can say that this is the indication of skin cancer but it also might not be skin cancer & only a skin disease or a normal pimple.

Squamous cell skin carcinoma diagnosis & treatment

Squamous cell skin carcinoma’s diagnosis is usually done by physical examination & through biopsy. In the physical examination, the doctor will feel the lump with hand & will try to get the problem whereas in biopsy the doctor will take some skin tissue near the lump or the spot & there is nothing to worry about because before taking out tissue they will numb the area making sure you don’t get hurt. If no serious problem is found while he diagnosis then they doctor can also peel the lump out of your face so nothing to worry about.

Now if we come to the treatment then it’s of two types, surgical & non-surgical. As in surgery, the doctor will take out the lump or the patch from your skin but usually, people prefer the non-surgical one then the surgical one. In non-surgical one there is a lot of ways to do the treatment which includes cryotherapy, photodynamic, topical chemotherapy, immune response modifiers & laser surgery. But this thing also should be minded that non-surgical way is adopted when the growth of the lump is at the initial stage or the lump is very minor or else in primary case the surgical one is preferred.

Squamous cell skin carcinoma survival rate

Now, this is a very sensitive topic to talk about because the survival rate in all type of cancer is very less & the emotion of the whole family is related to it. But this is just not the case with squamous cell skin carcinoma as it has a very high survival rate which is approximately 98.4%. This is a great relief for many & if you are thinking about the rest of 1.6% then they might have not to treat it at the right time because when you don’t treat it at the right time then it goes on increasing & ultimately causes death. So if you are doubtful then you should get diagnosed as soon as possible because it is very easy to get cured of it.

Causes of squamous cell skin carcinoma

The most prominent cause of skin cancer is the lack of melanin in the body. Those who have fairer skin have a very high risk of skin cancer because they have a lack of melanin pigment. Also, a huge exposure of your body to the sun is the cause of skin cancer in many cases. From the sun the UV rays enter our body & the melanin pigments fight with it & resist it to penetrate into our immune system. Even chronic infections & skin inflammations can give rise to skin cancer. And lastly, those who have a weak immune system have a threat of skin cancer.

Prevention of squamous cell skin carcinoma

When you are going out then don’t forget to use suns cream & lip balm with SPF or lotions to protect your skin, especially for those who have a fair skin complexion. Avoid standing or staying in sun as long as possible. Try to cover yourself by wearing hats to protect your scalp, face & nose. Also, try to avoid tanning beds & sunbath at peak hours. Stay healthy & eat healthy so that your immune system is fit enough to fight against all diseases.


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