How soon can I take a Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy, the happiness of carrying a life in the womb, is considered a great feeling to a mother. A pregnancy test is done to determine whether the mother is pregnant or not. Indicative marks of pregnancy used to find in blood or urine. HCG is a hormone used to find in blood or urine not directly but as a subunit. Usually, pregnancy test conducted after12 to 14 days of implantation as then the amount of HCG is found properly in blood or urine. Nowadays pregnancy testing strips are most of the urine testing based. So ‘how soon can I take a pregnancy test’, let’s find


How soon can I take a Pregnancy Test

History and revolution of pregnancy test

As the pages of history, ancient Greece and the ancient and Egyptians introduced the pregnancy test. The ancient Egyptians used to wet the bags of wheat and barley, and the germination indicates the pregnancy. If the wheat got sprouted a lady child will come in and if the barley got sprouted, then a boy child will come in.

In the middle age, it got a lot better than the was believed that if a needle placed in a vial of urine of a possibly pregnant woman turns rust red or black the women will be pregnant.

In 1920 to 1960 it developed a lot. SELMAR ASCHHEIM and BERNHARD ZONDEK firstly introduced a hormone-based pregnancy test depending on the HCG. Later the researchers got that HCG is produced from the placenta. And the Buffo test was an eye-opening page of the Chapter of pregnancy. In the Buffo test, urine or serum injected in a female frog and if the frog got ready to produce eggs within 24 hours then the woman is considered to be pregnant.

But nowadays a urine-based pregnancy kit is considered to be useful.


Symptoms of pregnancy

How soon can I take a Pregnancy Test

All the women get curious to know her pregnancy when symptoms come. So here we mentioned. Some of the symptoms to notice and go for a pregnancy test. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, mood swings, constipation, urge to pee, food cravings, lower back pain and gas problems. Unfortunately, these symptoms are not unique, you may get pregnant without experiencing even one of them.  If you are in anxiety about the early symptoms, don’t worry go through a pregnancy test and relax your mind. It is a scientific way to assure your pregnancy.

Pregnancy test

As we said before A pregnancy test is done for the satisfaction of a mother if she wants to know about pregnancy. Most of the time it is done when the early signs of pregnancy are found like nausea, fatigue, vomit. It is hard to resist a woman from testing early. But an early test can lead you to set you up with worse results. If you are testing your pregnancy before Implantation of the egg it is a waste of money. Even the egg is implanted

if the fertilized egg does not produce HCG the pregnancy test is worthless.

A false positive pregnancy test

How soon can I take a pregnancy test? But if you do it with your extreme excitation and do it before 12 to 14 days of implantation you may get shocked and have great anxiety.

Testing too early, without sensitive device testing, old sample or bad sample testing may lead to a false positive result. You should do the test with a new sample. Sometimes dilute urine sample misleads the result. And sometimes early testing without a sensitive device results in your anxiety.

How to avoid a false positive pregnancy test?

Do not do the pregnancy test before 12 to 14 days.

Make sure to do the same test within a week as you may not get the results as the HCG

level of your body liquid did not rise enough to show.

If you are doing early test be sure to do so with a good quality sensitive testing machine.

Reasons for a false pregnancy test


take a Pregnancy Test

A pH peak in your body fluid may result in a false pregnancy test.

Premenopausal women have an elevated circulation of HCG even when they are not pregnant. So it may lead to a false pregnancy.

If you drink a lot of amount of liquid before the testing period, it results in a dilute sample to the test.

So if you go through these you may have a false pregnancy test result.

How soon can you do a pregnancy test

You are too excited to know how soon can I take a pregnancy test. See you can do it at whatever time you want. But without the proper time sample, the test is worthless. After the implementation of the egg, it should produce a good amount of HCG to have a sound test result.

So it takes around 12 to 14 days from implementation to have a proper result. As we told the production of HCG hormone is an important part of the pregnancy test. Sometimes the result may vary depending on your food, beverage, your body chemicals.