How to Take off Gel Nail Polish

How to take off gel nail polish: Taking an old nail polish can be complicated, especially if there are many layers on the nails. Sooner or later, it will separate itself, but it is better to remove it completely to improve the health of the nails. You can remove it in three different ways: using an enamel solvent, dipping your nails in acetone and using fresh nail polish.

Method 1

Use a Solvent for Nail Polish

Solvent for Nail Polish

Choose a solvent for nail polish Choose the pharmacy or shop you prefer. Normally you can find it in the nail products department. A bottle will last for a long time.

  • Typically, the solvent is contained in plastic bottles with a screw cap but there are also tubes inside the sponge.
  • The main component of solvents is usually acetone, but often there are aloe vera and natural substances to soften the skin.

Choose a solvent applicator to apply solvents to nails with an applicator and rub it.


Choose what you like:

  • Cotton wool utensils are perfect, especially if you have made one or two coats of nail polish.
  • If there are more than two layers of enamel, it is better to use paper towels because they have a surface that works well for this purpose.
  • Cotton buds are useful for removing enamel from the tip of the nails and cuticle.

Prepare a place to take off gel nail polish. Spread some newspaper or paper towels on the table. Take solvent and cotton swab, paper towels or cotton broom.

  • This can be done to mess, so it is advisable to remove gel nail polish in the bathroom, in which there is no risk of staining surfaces and cloth with a possible wash.
  • Choose the best bright room to see your nails clearly.

Remove the applicant wet cap with soft solvent, keep the applicant open and wet the applicant to reverse the bottle. Alternatively, you can put solvent in a bowl to soak cotton balls or wipes.

Rub the applicant on the nails. Clean your nails with circular movements until the nail polish comes. Repeat the procedure to remove nail polish from all nails.

  • When it gets very dirty, almost every two fingers, especially if there are many layers of nail polish on the nails.
  • If you can not polish the cotton wool, try to use paper towels.

The solvent contains invasive chemicals that dry the skin of the hands, so wash them as soon as you are ready to remove all the residue.

Method 2

Use Acetone


Use Acetone

Another tip how to take off gel nail polish, Buy pure acetone, such as glitter or gel, can be difficult to use in the conventional method. In these cases, acetone is essential. It is a chemical solvent that removes color. You can buy it in a pharmacy in the same pharmacy where they sell solvents for enamel.

Place the broom on acetone with cotton wool and turn it over or put some acetone to absorb cotton wool.

Place the cotton ball straight on the nail. Then wrap around a piece of aluminum around your finger and keep it still. Repeat the process with all the other fingers.

  • If you do not have the aluminum foil, you can use the rubber band by holding the lining on your fingers.
  • If you are having trouble putting dirt on your fingers, then ask someone for help.

Allow acetone to work Wait ten minutes so that acetone is effective. Remove cotton wool and use a different swab to clean the nails. If the polish is clear, then you have done! Otherwise, if it is sticky, leave this for another 10 minutes.


Remove cotton wool and enamel, separate the swab one by one, then clean the gel nails with a clean swab and soak. In this way, polishing should come easily. Repeat the process on all the nails.

Wash your hands, eliminates all the residues of acetone with hot water and soap.

Method 3

Use Fresh Nail Polish

Use Fresh Nail Polish

Choose an enamel that you really do not like. For this method, you need a few drops of nail polish and you do not need to ruin your favorite. Any kind of nail polish will be fine, provided it is not very dry. It should still be fresh and liquid.

Keep nail polish on a nail. Completely cover it, try not to overuse the quantity using all the polish you want.

Use paper towels to clean the nail after 5 seconds. When you still remove the new layer of your nail, rubbing the nail well with the paper to remove the layers. Rub with different parts of the wipe until you remove the gel nail polish.

  • Work quickly: if you wait for more than 5 seconds, the new enamel layer may start drying up.
  • To completely remove the old gel nail polish you may need to repeat this step more than once on the same wedge.

Repeat the process on other nails until you take off gel nail polish. Then wash your hands with hot water and soap to remove the last residue of color.



  • When you polish, if you hold your fingers, then you can not clean them very well.
  • It is better to use the solvent with acetone because it alone is not very effective.


  • Do not use the solvent in other parts of the body other than nails and hands.
  • Keep Soledades away from children under 8 years of age because they can swallow, touch or play, can cause toxicity or permanent damage.

Things you will need

  • Solvent for Enamel
  • Acetone
  • Cotton wool
  • Wipe paper
  • cotton buds
  • Old nail polish