Sharp Pain in Left Side Of Stomach

Are you experiencing sharp pain in left side of stomach? Obviously, No one likes pain at all. But the pain occurs only when something is wrong in the body. When the body tends to inform you about the wrong thing then the pain occurs which gives you a clear signal that you need to work on your body. We believe you are reading this article because you are feeling a sharp pain in the left side of stomach and probably you are also desperate to know what is happening with you or what caused that pain or how to get rid of the pain or is this anything serious disease? So don’t worry we are here to give you a clear idea about the pain in the left stomach. We will tell you the reasons, way to cure and how to prevent or treat. So, without any further delay let’s start.

Sharp Pain in Left Side Of Stomach

What are the probable reasons behind the pain?

As mentioned earlier, pain is a clear signal from the body that something has gone wrong in your body. So the probable reasons are,


First of all, we are listing common problems.

Indigestion: indigestion is a very common problem. In our busy lifestyle, we don’t have much time to choose the food wisely because we have to eat food which is cooked fast or the foods we get ready made. And due to this, sometimes we eat such foods which are not good at all and the stomach cant digest that and in such condition we feel the pain. It’s normal pain and nothing serious here. You have to take some soda or some medicines (Digestive Syrups or tablets will do the job). So if you are having the pain due to Indigestion then, don’t worry you will be fine within a few hours after taking medicine. You can simply avoid the Indigestion by having healthy food, exercising regularly, drinking a lot of water etcetera.


It’s a kind of inflammation, irritation or erosion of the lining of the stomach. You can feel a sharp pain in the lower left side of the stomach and it can cause suddenly or gradually. If you have sudden gastric then it’s not that serious but if you had that pain before too and its increasing day by day then it might be chronic gastric also in that case you have to careful and consult a doctor. You can avoid gastric by having healthy food, exercising regularly, drinking a lot of waters and the most important have your food timely and it matters a lot. Don keep your stomach empty for a long time in order to avoid Gastric.


We have an organ called pancreas which produces Insulin and glucagon hormones and some enzymes to digest the food. But when the enzymes start to work inside the pancreas then, it can digest and harm the tissues and the cells and thus It leads o swelling, pain, bleeding. If it happens to you then, you will feel Sharp Pain in Left Side Of Stomach. The reason behind such a problem id alcohol but not always. So in order to prevent pancreatitis, you have to stop drinking alcohol. If you have pancreatitis then, without wasting time you should immediately consult a doctor.

Other common diseases:

Sharp Pain in Left Side Of Stomach


There are a lot of diseases which can cause sharp pain on the left side of the abdomen. Diverticulitis, Gall bladder stone, Celiac disease, Lactose intolerance, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Shingles, Hernia, Constipation, Kidney stones, Intestinal obstruction, Ovarian cysts (in case of women) and many more.

How would I Cure:

Seeing a doctor is very important if the pain is severe, but sometimes the pain also increases gradually and If you are feeling severe pain then don’t panic just keep calm and consult a doctor and after diagnosing your doctor will start the treatment. You should never take medicines without consulting with the physician.

Prevention is better than cure:

In order to prevent all these diseases, you have to live a healthy life. You have to give at least one hour to your body to exercise every day. If you exercise every day then, the digestive system of your body will improve and you won’t get such disease at all. Besides healthy food and lots o water is a must. Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol to live a healthy life. By these simple three things, you can prevent diseases.

Line of caution:

We are here to provide the right information and tell you some probable causes. We recommend you to consult a doctor for the treatment.

So, we hope we are able to help you to understand what happened to you and how to cure and how to prevent such diseases an also hope that your sharp pain in left side of stomach is vanished by now.