Signs of A Stroke in Women

Stroke can ruin one’s life without any mercy. It is a common problem worldwide. We have shared the statics of strokes below which will give you a shock. Understanding the signs of stroke is sometimes beneficial to prevent severe problems like permanent disability. If you are curious about signs of a stroke in women, then you are scrolling through the right article. We will tell you everything which will help you to understand signs the stroke and we will also let you know what you should do once see that the signs are present in someone’s body, we will also tell you how to prevent the stroke.


Signs of A Stroke in Women

What does stroke mean?

It is a medical condition which leads to the brain cells dying due to poor flow of blood in the brain cells. It can be happened for two reasons, due to lack of blood flow and due to bleeding. It can cause severe damage to the body if not taken care in time.

What are the consequences of a stroke?

The consequences may include inability to move the body or certain body parts, problems in understanding other’s saying, inability to talk, loss of vision and headache. The stroke can lead to the paralysis of the full boy or certain parts of the body.

Some stats about the stroke:


Around 140,000 people in the US die each year. About 795,000 people each year get a stroke. Approximately 600,000 of these cases were of first attacks, besides 185,000 cases were of recurrent attacks. So you can see how severe it is.150,00,00 (15 million) people get stroke worldwide every year and it is according to the World Health Organization. Out of these cases, 5 million people die and another 5 million people are permanently disabled. So you can get an idea that the stroke is a very common problem and we are not dealing with it in the way we are supposed to deal in order to prevent it. There is a lot of such data you can get on the website of the stroke center.

Signs and symptoms of stroke:

Signs and symptoms of stroke

The signs can also be considered as pre-stroke symptoms,

  • Inability to move the body or certain body parts.
  • Problems in understanding and speaking.
  • Loss of vision and headache.

How to deal with it?


Dealing with stroke will be a great challenge for you. You have to first understand that there are few factors which you can’t control but most of the factors you can control. We can name the age, gender, race, family history of stroke, personal history of stroke, these are the factors you can control. But the factors which can be controlled by you are, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, physical activity, poor diet, unhealthy weight, stress, diabetes, depression, unhealthy cholesterol level, blood pressure etcetera. In order to deal with stroke, you should take the precautions. After all, prevention is better than cure. You have supposed to live a healthy life. Here’s some free advice which will help you to prevent the stroke.

  • Stop smoking:

“smoking is injurious to health” and if you do smoke, then, you don’t care about the quote for sure. But once you get sick, you will certainly care for this quote. Stop smoking slowly but gradually it will certainly reduce the risk of stroke.

  • Don’t drink Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol and living in the other world is easy but once you will get sick then you will regret. Try not to drink because alcohol also leads you to the stroke.

  • Don’t take Drug:

Drugs directly affect the human brain and thus you will face a lot of trouble due to excessive use of it. A drug addict certainly can’t stop him or herself from taking drugs, special treatment is needed in such cases. Besides drug can also cause a stroke.

  • Don’t be overweight:

The people with obesity have a high risk of heart problems and blood pressure and blood sugar which can lead to the stroke. So put your butt off and exercise regularly to get rid of obesity (obviously, if you are obese).


  • Physical activity:

It is must to have some physical activity every day. Exercise reduces the risk of stroke.

Besides, don’t take stress, don’t get depressed these are not good for health and can cause a stroke.

The conclusion:

Signs of A Stroke in Women

The stroke is sometimes incurable and it can easily ruin someone’s life. As mentioned earlier the treatment of stroke is also quite expensive and ultimately make one’s life hell. One can easily get confused with the signs of the stroke with some normal problems. But it is highly recommended to consult a doctor immediately one you see such signs as mentioned. Neglecting the symptoms may result in fatal problems like paralysis also.

Now you have got a proper idea about the signs of a stroke in women. And we also hope that you are satisfied with the solution and content quality.