Bump On Roof of Mouth

Only the people who had Bump On Roof of Mouth will understand the problem. Oh! That uncomfortable feeling in the mouth. If you have also faced any problem with Bump On Roof of Mouth, then you must be seeking help and maybe you are also curious about what has actually happened or you may also be thinking whether it is harmful or not. So, don’t worry people, we are here today with all the information about the Bump On Roof of Mouth which will help you to understand the causes, seriousness, remedies, and cure for the Bump On Roof of Mouth. So, without any further delay let get started.

Bump On Roof of Mouth


Why there is a bump on the roof of my mouth?

We have listed the most common reasons behind the lump on the roof of the mouth.

•    Nasopalatine duct cyst:

A cyst is basically fluid-filled sacs. And such cyst may get developed behind your two front teeth. But you won’t feel any pain due to that lumped part. But if it is infected, then you should definitely consult a doctor and if you ignore it then the consequences may not be very suitable.

•    Torus Palatinus:

If you have a hard bump on the roof of the mouth, then it may be the bone which has grown abnormally. But it is not a disease and doesn’t harm generally because Torus palatinus is just a deformity in the human body and generally don’t need any treatment.

•    Cold sores

Cold sores


  • Those are blisters which are filled with fluid and they are formed behind the lips but sometimes in the roof of the mouth. It may also be painful sometimes and caused by some virus. No treatment is generally needed for Cold sores

because our immunity system is good enough to take care of them.

•    Epstein pearls

It is generally seen in newborn babies. These are fluid-filled sacs yellow or white in color. Epstein pearls don’t require any treatment. Once again the immunity system does its job.

•    Injuries

The tissue in the human body is quite sensitive and unprotected. So, it can’t withstand burns or cuts. So if there is any kind of injury, then in order to heal the injury the fluid-filled blisters are created which might be seemed as bump and it’s not very serious but if it is infected then you should consult a doctor because you should not take a risk with such vital part of the body.

•    Hyperdontia:

When too many teeth are developed, then such a problem can be seen. Generally, such lumped formation is seen behind the two front teeth. It can be very painful, you will feel jaw pain, headache and pain in the teeth and you should consult a dentist to get relive from this issue.

•    Oral cancer:

Cancer is one of the few incurable diseases. And oral cancer is not very rare. Such cancer is caused due to smoking or tobacco. So if you are addicted to these and also having a bump on the roof of mouth, then you might be in trouble.so consult a doctor immediately. The symptoms are pretty clear. You will feel pain and there will be bleeding, abnormal growth in the tissues, the tissues with grow abnormally fast and you should not neglect these symptoms because any kind of delay may make you pay a high price.

•    Squamous papilloma:

Squamous papilloma is caused by a virus called HPV or human papillomavirus. But it is painless and you don’t need any treatment t because once again your immunity is good enough to save the doctors’ fees.

•    Canker sores:


Canker sores

These sores are painful and yellow or red or white in color. Such sores can be developed in any part your mouth even is the roof of the mouth. You may face difficulty in swallowing foods or water if you have Canker sores. But the good news is you don’t need any treatment and once again the immunity fights with it and it is cured within one or two weeks.

Don’t panic:

You don’t have to panic when you see such bump on the roof of your mouth. You just need to visit a doctor and get some treatment which will certainly help.

Prevention is better than cure:

It’s always best to prevent any kind of disease. Live a healthy life to prevent diseases. Drink plenty of water and brush your mouth twice a day. Don’t take tobacco and try not to smoke and try not to drink alcohol. Don’t eat excessive hot food. And leave rest of the things on the immunity system of your body.

So we hope that the article was helpful and we have also answered all the queries you had about the Bump on roof of mouth and also believe that you have got a clear idea about what has happened to you and how would you cure it.