How Much do You Get for Donating Plasma?

Money is one of the most essential things you need these days. The more money you have the more luxurious life you will lead. But earning money isn’t that easy and it takes hard work for making money. But wait there are some easy ways or shortcuts you can earn money, no I won’t advise you to go to Casino or Dance I the TikTok. The way is, you can earn money by donating plasma. Sounds new to you? Then you might also want to know what plasma and how can donating plasma earn money or how to do that or who takes the donation or the most important thing how much do you get for donating plasma.


how much do you get for donating plasma

So, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the donating plasma. You will also get to know how much money do you get for donating plasma. So without making further delay let’s get started.

What is Plasma:

What is Plasma

It’s a liquid part of our blood which is light yellow in color. This is the fluid which carries different blood components like water, salt, and enzymes throughout our body. More than 55% part of our blood is plasma so it’s a dominating part of blood. Besides the mentioned components it contains the most vital components of our immune system, these are antibodies, clotting factors, and proteins.


Plasma donation:

Plasma donation

As mentioned earlier, plasma plays an important role in the immune system that’s why the plasma can be used separately. When you donate blood the plasma is removed from it and the plasma is stored separately. Nowadays plasma donation has become easier. There are several machines which can directly take the blood from the human body and process it to remove the plasma and inject the blood without plasma in the body back. Thus the job is done. So Donating plasma isn’t that cakewalk as donating blood and if you are afraid of the needles then, definitely it’s not for you.

Is there any risk if I donate plasma?

Is there any risk if I donate plasma

There are no huge risk factors for donating plasma as far as we know. Minor side effects like dizziness, fainting, light-headedness, fatigue may occur. Besides infection from the needle may happen or some pulse fluctuations you may face. So you can see that the risks aren’t that much serious but it completely depends on you whether you can take these risks or not.

Am I eligible to donate plasma?


The eligibility criteria are,

1. You have to be 18 or more than that.

2.Weight more than 50 kg.

3.Some test you have to go through like HIV, Hepatitis, etc.

4. Your medical history might be examined.

How often can I donate?

How often can I donate

How often you can donate, depends on you how much you can take but twice a week is recommended with 24 hours break in between two consecutive donations.

How to donate plasma?

How to donate plasma

So basically you don’t have to do any work but you have to find out a plasma donation center which is reliable and trusted all the way. You can simply google to find out a plasma donation center nearby.

What will be done with the plasma I will donate?

The plasma you will donate will be used for preparing medicines. Some lifesaving medicines are prepared from it which helps to cure hemophilia, immune disorders etcetera. And here’s the answer of how much do you get for donating plasma?

How much can you get for donating plasma?

how much can you get for donating plasma


How much is it to donate plasma, the long-standing question. So most of the companies who take the plasma donation pay a donor about 50$ per donation and if we consider that you will donate twice a week, then you can earn around 400$(28000 INR) per month which is pretty good.

The conclusion:

So we can conclude that, donating plasma can be a great way to earn money only if you are eligible to do so and you can take the risk factors in the count. As mentioned that the plasma will be used for good purpose so ethics don’t get hurt too. Once you take the decision to donate plasma, then you just have to see first whether you are eligible or not and then you will have to find a trusted and reliable company whom you can donate. So it’s not a very long procedure at all.

So we hope that you have got your answer to the question, how much do you get for donating plasma. We also hope that you have liked the answer and whatever decision you take; this article will help you to take a bold decision because we have given you most of the information which is necessary. So feel free to visit our website whenever you get into any daily life problem, we are there to help you with relevant and reliable information every time.