Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a set of rules which maintains and specifies how a website (specifically collects user data and maintains it without disclosing to other users. Similar to protocol maintenance this also lets the user know about how their information is handled and kept to the site’s resources.

Importance of privacy policy

It is highly important for a website to handle its user data and to verify whether a user is genuine or a fake/spam. Spam users are virtual threats to a site comprising their financial asset and user discreteness. To avoid such chaos, the site collects information about users and keeps it to itself for verifying the users. On to that, it will never disclose this information for gains to other third party spammers at any cost.

Collecting personal information

The users who comment in the site’s post are required to use their email and name as a proof of identity. However, it is done completely on their full approval. Else their info is not taken by force(which is a serious offense against the law). Not providing user info might be a way when some users won’t be able to use site’s full features. The users who provide their info via comments, their info is taken for site monitoring.

Collecting the non-relevant data.

The user’s info is what matters the most. This can be used to monitor when a user is visiting a site openly or secretly. The email and name are the relevant data. The non-relevant data collected includes users’ IP address, browser name, browser identity, server type(or computer generation/type), technical information etc. This can be used to verify a users’ identity whether he or she is genuine or not. It can also be used to see if any of the users are visiting the website unknowingly.

Use of cookies.

Cookies might be common for every user. These are small files which are inserted into their hard drive to keep records and track information about them(sometimes when a user is suspicious). This is also done in order to monitor a users’ activity on the site. Cookies are kept on websites for users to accept when they visit one. A user has full control and approval before accepting on to a cookie from a site. If not accepted they will not be able to accept full features of the site, as much proper info from the site won’t be allowed on an unverified user.

Protecting the information collected.

The site completely takes control of the highly confidential information and doesn’t allow it to be disclosed to others at any cost. A site will never compromise a user’s discrete data for logical gains to third parties. At all.

How the data is protected.

The data collected from users is considered a high priority similar to the website’s security. Such kind of data is kept in highly secure networks or offline storage devices with a one-way connection. Multi-bit encryption are used (like 128 or 256bit grade uncrackable encryption techniques) with the administrator’s signature to protect the user data.

Compliance for sharing user data.

The user data collected as mentioned before is never disclosed to any third party at any cost. The site takes full responsibility to protect it from any kind of data attack, data leak or warm attacks. The data which is (or might be shared) will be 100% free from any linkage or linking to any of users’ email, name, IP address or any other personal information which might prove useful for third parties.

Acceptance Of these measures.

By using a particular site (or this one) and accepting cookies, you thus verify that you accept to the terms of the site and its measures to keep user data. And these data under the user’s consent will be utilized for monitoring a user’s activity on the site and genuine.


If you have any queries about our privacy policy, please contact us.