Truvia Vs Stevia

Sugar isn’t good for your health and that’s why we search for some alternative which will make our food tastier without harming our health. So if you are searching for such alternative then you must be knowing that there are two most popular types of sweeteners available, truvia and stevia. But once again you must be wondering what is the difference and which one is good for you and what are the pros and cons. So, don’t worry we are here today with all the answers of Truvia Vs Stevia.

Truvia Vs Stevia


Why do we need Sugar substitute?

The sugar you take daily is not good for your health at all. If you ask why, well the list is pretty long and harmful.

Sugar will make you overweight because it helps the body to gain weight. The fructose increases your hunger and if you take excessive fructose then it will mess with your hormonal activities.

Sugar can also increase the possibility of heart disease. Because the sugar can cause blood sugar and abnormal blood pressure which leads to heart diseases.

Blood pressure and blood sugar also affect other activities in the body. It can affect eyesight and hearing also.

As mentions earlier, sugar mess with the hormonal activities and that’s why It can cause acne on your skin also.

Sugar can also increase the risk of cancer, increase the risk of depression, it can accelerate skin aging process too, drains your energy quickly, your liver can get fatty due to sugar, increases risk of kidney disease and last but not the least you may also face dental problems. So, now you can understand the risks of having sugar. Sugar is pretty harmful. And that why you need to move to natural sweeteners like Truvia and stevia.

What is Truvia?


Truvia Vs Stevia

Truvia is basically a brand of sweetener which manufactures natural sweeteners out of natural ingredients. The Truvia is made from Stevia plant and It contains Erythritol, Stevia leaf extract, Natural Flavours. It was jointly developed by Coca Cola Company and Cargill company. You can simply buy it from Amazon for only 20$-130$ or ₹270 – ₹400. Besides you can also buy it from your nearest retailer shop.

Is anything really good about Truvia?

Truvia is completely natural and contains stevia leaf extract and some added natural flavoring. But there are few side effects also. Truvia can create bloating, cramping etcetera. You can also check the official website of Truvia. We can’t actually quote their clams for some official purpose but you can go and simply check out their claims about the side effects of their product.

Now some people also believe that Truvia is not made out of natural ingredients and there is a tiny amount of Rebaudioside A (which is found in the stevia plant). And one the facts are, the Erythritol (The chemical that Truvia contains) don’t get digested and it will get out of your body with your pee pretty much unchanged.

What is Stevia?


Stevia is also a sweetener and sugar substitute. Stevia is made out of a plant called Stevia Rebaudiana. The plant has some positive effects on the body (but the raw stevia leaf will harm you) especially on the blood pressure and blood sugar but the product Stevia don’t have any nutrition benefits. Stevia is also made with Rebaudioside A (which is found in the stevia plant).

Anything special about the Stevia?

It is non-nutritive sweetener and it won’t taste like exact sugar. It may taste a little bitter. But a good side is some study shows that stevia plant can also help to prevent cancer.

How to use Truvia and stevia?

Truvia and stevia

Truvia vs stevia keto says a pinch of Truvia of stevia will give you a taste of almost one teaspoon of sugar. So use it wisely. You can simply sprinkle such sweeteners on your food to enjoy a sugar-free sweet food.

The ultimate answer of Truvia vs stevia:

So we can only differentiate between Truvia and stevia on what the information is actually available. Because there might be other factors related to the manufacturing process which won’t be disclosed by the manufacturers.

So here are the points we have collected.

  • Stevia is more natural than Truvia.
  • Stevia is a little bit costlier than Truvia.
  • Stevia has some bitter taste but with Truvia, you won’t get such experience
  • Truvia can make your tummy upset (you may feel bloating, cramping or diarrhea)
  • Stevia can help you to control your blood pressure as well as the blood sugar but Truvia won’t help you in either case.

If we compare stevia in the raw vs truvia, then there is a lot of difference. Stevia in raw is natural but truvia isn’t.

So we hope that you have got a clear idea about Truvia vs Stevia and stevia and Truvia difference. So we hope that the article has helped you and you have liked the article.